Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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Stop it, Ghast! Just stop blowing my mind!


Underwater hype


palette swap and breast-plate revamp courtesy of Gabe Knight.
I am in love with this portrait, seriously. everything about it is fantastic.
You outdid yourself lindsy, definitely my favorite of yours and I’m blessed that you fixed it up for bloodlines, big thanks. <3


That plate is nice ye

also many welcomes


the brown squares are Innocent NPC units being Geysered alive (this is an underwater map)
The water squares are you ally unit positions.

The idea here is that you need to make it to the innocents before they die from fire traps.
You also need to visit the villages to stop the enemy from invading them and recruiting more innocents to fight.

I’m not really sure how to go about enemy positioning, y’all got any ideas?


What kind of enemy do you fight in this chapter? Soldiers? Bandits? Lizardmen? Also where do your units start?


Like he said, the player’s units start where the water squares are.
Since it’s underwater, I can only assume that Merfolk are the predominant enemies.


Crap. Apparently I suck at reading


Chapter goal is to rescue innocents, you can’t let a single one die.

  • Diasith joins you as an NPC, she eats.
  • No enemy will attack the hostages.
    Mermen have access to the thunder trident, which is a levin sword but for spears.

classes to consider-
Lizardmen= knights with axes and good res, weak to ice
Wyvern Kns- same old, but weak to bows and ice
Siren- Can either cast magic or use lances, weak to thunder
mermen- can use swords or lances, weak to thunder
that said, any class goes, except for Soldiers, armor knights and Cavaliers.

What sort placement would be good for the right side of the map, and general tips?

now that i look at it, that amount of HP is pretty forgiving, I’ll probably lower the HP on the civs


This perhaps? Not sure about those enemies in particular.
Wrote in comic sans because I care.


Fighters look out of place thematically; replace 'em with thin lizzies or more brigands?

Alternatively, give lizards the ability to raid villages and place one or two of them on the far side of the screen that arrive on turn 2 or something. Watch player panic and scramble to save the villages in time.


A question about the weaknesses. Can they only be exploited by magic weapons? Like an ice sword or something? Is Fimbulvetr is this game to counter lizards? How does this work?


Ghast added a low-level ice spell.

I also fully expect lizards to have solar axes at some point and will be disappointed if they don’t.


chapter 9
Llyra strikes!

9nd1yIZ.gif Siren Song

BEXP rewards (exp items created by Brendor)

Better get a move on. (Fire Traps are going to be Geyser Traps)


EXP items look cool.




Leaked picture of adult Dewey


Dude, spoiler tag this.


hey guys, this is what I’ve been super polishing up for my hopeful part 2 release at the end of July.
This is an unlisted video, so don’t share it! I just wanted to show you some stuff.


The uploader has not made this video available