Fire Emblem: Bloodlines|Version 1.4 OUT!

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it is, like most things, inevitable!


I like lizards


big big tents that store enemy units. Better burn em up quick!

Chapter 8, Lizardmang

first attempt at legit class card spriting. :open_mouth:


Demon King sized tents, The Sistine Chapel of tents.
I like.

Lizardbros be ballin’ too.


I like these tents

The class card looks good also


thanks guys!


Can I borrow those tents


I can’t stop you but I’d rather you not use that sprite lolol


Okay lol


making a super tent map sprite really wouldnt be that hard. still looks nice and i am getting progressivly more and more interested/xcited to try out dis thing


I’ve actually always thought about using the wagon transporter sprite as a sort of medieval APC-style unit from the enemy POV.

It runs around spitting out reinforcements and stuff.


Hm… I wonder if the player could have such a unit too? I’ve been playing Valkyria Chronicles lately, and that game allows the player to summon reinforcements from their own inactive units mid-battle if there are any free spaces in the player’s army (individual units can retreat.) I doubt something like that would be possible with the GBA FE engine, but it’s an interesting idea. (In VC, though, units only suffer casual death instead of permanent death if they’re touched by an ally within three turns, so part of that mechanic is to fill in holes in the player’s army left by units getting KO’ed, which wouldn’t work in FE. Though I guess in FE a player could still leave deployment spots empty and add the necessary units in mid-battle depending on the situation?)


I was thinking more of being able to rescue multiple units, but yeah there are a lot of possible ideas that can work with some sort of carrier unit.


forgot to add this, merman swordsman!


animation preview coming soon ~




The figures are a little off-center.





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