Fire Emblem:Blades Of Armagedon (Working Title) and Hack is currently WIP

Hello. The name is RadRex. I’m here to tell you all of a Fire Emblem ROM-Hack that I’m currently brainstorming at the moment. Just Brainstorming so nothing is set in stone or have been decided yet because making a ROM-Hack by myself would be hard and also this is a project that I feel would take a long time. So with that out of the way, here is my concept of my Fire Emblem ROM-Hack, Fire Emblem:Blades Of Armagedon

The Story:Our protagonist known as Vorkar, a 17 year old human male had been living out his life as a mercenary with his grandfather and grandmother Sally and Klein. They ran a mercenary company titled “The Silver Nights”. They would mostly take on jobs that would take place in their home country, Eston, which takes place on the continent of Thashos. Vorkar had no problem with these contracts that his company got assigned. His grandfather was looking forward to him running the company one day as he was training him the way of swords while Vorkar’s grandmother tutored him tactics and having a keen eye for money. Recently however, Vorkar just completes a contract in Vaskil,a country that neighbor’s Eston. After the villagers praise him for a job well done, the villagers start to tell him that he bears a striking resemblance that is very similar to the Kings of Vaskil and Zewhana when they were younger. Vorkar hears this and brushes it off as if its nothing to him, but Klein hears of this as well and confronts Vorkar later that night and has him sit down for a chat.

Klein then reveals to Vorkar that he is the illegitamate son/prince of Vaskil and Zewhana and tells him how he was born. The queen of Vaskil named Ziruh, and the prince of Zewhana named Ardar, met in secret very often many years ago. During one visit however, the two made a child. That child was Vorkar. They thought this child would be the key to bridging the gap between their 2 countries and could establish peace for the whole continent. But such a dream was foolish. The current King of Zewhana at the time wanted nothing to with Ardar as he was no longer family to him for meeting in secret with the Queen of Vaskil and hated her even more. Assassins came for them the night Ziruh and Ardar discovered Ziruh was pregenant. Ziruh and Ardar fled as fast as they could that night. But they both knew that they would be dead soon before long. Ardar told Ziruh to flee back to Vaskil and to entrust the child to people she knew she could trust once they were born. Ziruh knew that Ardar was practically sacrficing his life at this moment. They said their final farewells and Ziruh made it back to Vaskil in one piece.

6 months later at this time, Ziruh was pregenant and The King of Vaskil, Orvil, was under the impression that the baby was his. That didn’t stop Zewhana. They wanted the head’s of the royal family of Vaskil without stating their reason. Orvil was confused but did not care. He would not surrender himself and thus because of this, the countries of Vaskil and Zewhana have been at war since Ziruh was pregenant. After Ziruh had birthed the baby, Ziruh was able to convince Orvil that the baby should be raised in neutral territory, away from a land where war was being waged. She convinced him to leave the matter in her hands and thus she sought out her old friend Sally and told her the situation she was in. Sally and Klein took the baby, said farewell, and raised it from that day forward as if it was their own child. Vorkar could not believe the story that was told to him. Vorkar did not come out of his room for weeks the night he heard that story.

After 4 weeks, Vorkar finally decided to come out of his room and told Sally and Klein that I guess he should confront the members of his families. However, at that moment, reports of a nearby village had been burnt to the ground for being caught up in a skirmish between Zewhana and Vaskil. Vorkar could not standby and do nothing. So he,Sally,Klein, and the rest of the company went with him to the area where the 2 armies were about to engage in another battle. But right before they fight, Vorkar orders them to halt their battle.

However, the commanders of Zewhana and Vaskil armies, Jenna and Nihvion respectively, recognized the face of Vorkar, as if he was part of the royal familes of Zewhana and Vaskil themselves. Jenna knew of Vorkar because before she became commander of Zewhana’s army, she was actually part of Ziruh’s royal guard. And Nihvion knew about Vorkar because he was old friends with Ardar and was the one who set Ziruh up with Ardar. However, Nihvion doesn’t reveal this yet to him and just tells him to return to Zewhana with him if he wants true answers. Jenna tells Vorkar to come with him if he wants to meet the royal family of Zewhana. With 2 countries at war and Vorkar and his company in the middle, what will Vorkar do? That answer is up to you:The player.

Gameplay features:
Branching Paths that have you choose between siding with The Kingdom of Zewhana or The Vaskil Empire
Alright to Good to Great map design
Gaiden Chapters for Legendary Weapons, extra units, and just regular rewards
Branching promotions
Fully written Character supports
High playable roster of characters
35-50 playable characters
Not planning on having the story be Fates Conquest/Revelations 2.0(YOU CAN COUNT ON THAT)

Outro:After reading the general idea of my story and the features I plan to implement into it, what do you all think? Really interest in your feedback and if you want to help me make this hack be a reality hit me up on Discord or here on FE Universe. Name on Discord is Radrex#3920. Looking forward to hearing what you all think and have to say


To be honest, your post is pretty terribly formatted. Nobody is going to read an actual wall of text. I recommend you use the Enter button and break that up into several much smaller paragraphs.

I didn’t read anything so I have no idea what this project is about. My only current thought is ‘wow that’s a lot of words scrunched together,’ so I hope you’ll fix that.


I fixed the “text crunching” sorry about that. I forget to do proper paragraphs when I really get into reading/writing

Hello again, Rex.

I do like the idea of the player having two different paths to choose from for playing the game. That said, this post could benefit from a few additions:

  • How long is each path expected to be, and where will the paths diverge? Since you seem to have made this post with the intention of gathering prospective team members, this information will be very important to have so that they can gauge how long they’ll have be attached to the project. In my case, it took me about two years and some change working vigorously in SRPG Studio largely by myself to produce a fully playable build of Sanctaea Chronicles that’s 28 chapters long (31 chapters if you also include the alternate route chapters) and mostly comprises a single route of gameplay with no extra side chapters. And on top of this, I’m not even all that sure if it rates that well in the writing and map design departments.
  • What positions do you need people to fill? Writing Supports and producing new portraits of good quality on top of working on everything else is no easy task. Figure out which areas you probably need help with, leave positions open for them, and then close them when you’ve found the people whose talents fit the best.
  • What makes each route distinct? Should one be more difficult than the other? Should each one have certain rewards (i.e. treasure and playable class representatives) that the other doesn’t have? How many characters will be available on each route, and which ones are available on both?

I would help you out some more on the project if I could, but unfortunately I have next to no experience with hacking tools and I already have other commitments to take care of. This project sounds rather ambitious in scope and I wish you luck on it.

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Thanks for the luck. This project is currently in the early stages of development. I plan on updating this post within a week or so once I’ve finalized all the details in terms of what I need, even though I’m pretty sure this is what I need. But just so you know even though I’m going to update this thread,
-Script reader/editor to look out for spelling errors.
-Playtester for bugs
-Map Designer cuz I suck at designing a map that doesn’t look like trash or garbage
-Event editor which is obvious when making a hack cause unless your "fixing FE8, an event editor is almost necessary

Hi, right off the bat your story sounds a bit interesting. I just have some positive criticism:

You specified that he is a human, so are there multiple races, like D&D for example?
If not, I’d recommend you don’t specified that “X character is a human”.
If there are, you should probably make sure that every race has some defining gameplay characteristic.

This is a common typo, but please don’t write “pregenant” when you’re making the game. Typos where serious business is involved takes a lot of impact off the moment

I have 3 problems with this:

  1. Last time we heard, Zewhana hated Vorkar’s guts and was trying to have him assassinated. Now they want him to return. What changed?
  2. How can the commanders possibly recognize Vorkar? Even if they know about his existence, they have never seen him personally, and besides last time he was seen in Vaskil he was still a newborn. And that’s just Vaskil; not one soul in Zewhanna has seen him, since he wasn’t even born back then.
    I guess you could argue that he looks like the kings, but you’d probably need more than just that.
  3. We, as a player, have never seen either kingdom and as a result, we have zero emotional attachment for these places. How are we supposed to make such a huge choice when we know next to nothing about them?

Please, don’t take this as an insult. I think your idea has potential.
Besides, “Blades of Armageddon” sounds like the most badass title I’ve heard in a while.

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Well I must say I greatly enjoy the criticism be it positive, mixed, or negative. So I’ll make some points here and answer some questions

Your right. I’m going to change that part about Vorkar being a human cause I’m most likely not going to have different races in this game

Sorry about that. Auto-correct loves to come through on my computer and on my phone when I really don’t need it

Now I will answer all these points here:
1.I NEVER said Zewhana hated Vorkar. I think you misread that because I wrote Zewhana hated Valar’s guts, not Vorkar’s
2.I plan on building upon this in the actual game. Obviously this just minor story context.
3.So 2 things about that. First, I said in the description I didn’t want this to be Fates Conquest/Revelations 2.0 and secondly, that will also be built upon why Vorkar cares in the story. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for the compliment. I want this to be a great game. And I felt that a great game NEEDS a badass title to back it

If you want this to be a great game, I think it’s important if you do some map designing and eventing yourself for the early chapters of the hack. It’s a learning experience, and it will help you work better with your future team members. Good luck!

I do want to do some map designing and event editing so I get a feel for it. Once I’ve gotten a few chapters say 7 or 8, I do plan on releasing a demo of the which is something I really don’t like doing while at the same time enjoy.

Wait… am I weird for actually reading all of it? :open_mouth:

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Your best bet is to try yourself and ask for help on specific items either here or on the FEU discord. You’ll be hard pressed to assemble a team only with an idea of what you want to make.

Once you have something tangible, maybe then you’ll get dedicated folks to help you out, but your best bet will be to try yourself and ask for specific help as you go through. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you learn around here, too.

Good luck!

Thanks. I of course plan to post more of the hack once I’ve made something tangible

Alright. Time for an update. So here’s what I got so far:

  • Weapon Triangle has been reworked. Advantage gives +3MT and +20% Avoid and Hit. Disadvantage gives -1MT and -20 Avoid and Hit

  • Half of the cast has been given custom portraits courtesy of Mugging Blitz.(Will be credited when a playable demo/full hack is released}

  • 1st chapter has been made

  • Supports are underway and are being written. Some are short. Some are long. Others are cringe worthy and edgy.