Fire Emblem Bingo Race

So I’ve been watching a couple of video game “Bingo Races” on youtube and looked around to see if anybody made something like that for Fire Emblem. I couldn’t find anything, so I wanted to make my own set of challenges for players to try out. Here’s the website that other people use.

I’ve already thought of a couple of challenges, but I wanted to see what the community could come up with. The main problem is thinking of “unmissable” challenges that can be beaten at almost any time. There’s also the issue of “missable” challenges that can be skipped, potentially making Bingos (and most Blackouts) impossible.

Anyways, I’ve only made challenges for FE8 so far. It just felt like a good starting point, but I’ll expand the list for other games in the future. Most of the missable ones are character/chapter specific while the unmissable ones can still be beaten in the post game.


Let 1/3/5 unit(s) die (Not in 5x), Have less than 1000/100/10 Gold (After Chapter 2), Have more than 10000/15000/20000 Gold, Discard a promotion item/stat booster, Beat the Final Boss, Have a full inventory of X items (Slim Lances, Shine Tomes, Killer weapons, Gems, etc.), Beat a map-then restart the chapter and beat it again (After Route Split), Clear Floor 2/4/6/8 of the Tower of Valni, Clear Floor 1/3/5/7 of the Lagdou Ruins, Buy and use an Unlock Staff, beat a skirmish map, retreat from the Tower with only 1 enemy remaining, beat a FOW map w/o Torch item/staff and Thief/Rogue/Assassin


Win an arena battle, Innes OR Duessel B supports main lord, Triangle attack an enemy, Rennac steals Valter’s Fili Shield, Open a chest in the Final Chapter, See the Demon King use Ravager, break a Rapier, Main Lord fights Lyon (Chapter 21/Final)
Promote Character (Neimi, Marisa, Ross, Vanessa, Moulder, Knoll)
Beat 5x without Ephraim entering combat, don’t use Seth in combat until the route split (Chapter 9)
Recruit Amelia in Eirika’s chapter 13, Beat Ghost Ship with over 5 units deployed
Get a unit to X weapon rank (A axes on Garcia, A lances on Gilliam, B Swords on Joshua, B Staves on Natasha, 2 C ranks on Franz, C Swords on Colm, B Staves on Saleh)
Tana kills the chapter 9 boss, Dozla kills chapter 14 boss, Ewan kills chapter 12 boss, Myrrh kills Morva, Syrene kills Lyon (Any version)
B support between 2 units (Lute/Artur, Forde/Kyle, Gerik/Tethys)

Prologue: Solo with Eirika
Chapter 1: Beat within 5 turns
Chapter 2: Don’t talk to Ross or Garcia
Chapter 3: Leave all of the chests unopened
Chapter 4: Don’t visit the villages
Chapter 5: Don’t use the arena
Chapter 5x: Let Orson die
Chapter 6: Kill the bael
Chapter 7: Leave all archers alive
Chapter 8: Don’t break the wall
Chapter 15: Kill Valter/Caellach on the same turn
Chapter 16: See 3 of Orson’s unique battle quotes (5 total)
Chapter 17: Rout enemy before killing Lyon
Chapter 18: Don’t break any eggs
Chapter 19: Survive for all 13 turns
Chapter 20: Kill Riev

I’ll update this post with something actually usable later, for now this is just to list ideas. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

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I watch a lot of SMS bingo (admittedly I am obsessed) - one of the things that makes it good is how open ended the game’s design is - it’s less of a “pure speed” type of lockout bingo, but rather involves a lot of decision making and the routes you take matter more than your ability to execute.

If you want to do an FE bingo, I think you’d need to do 3H since it is less linear and you could approach goals in diff order. Not to say this wouldn’t work, but 3H prob better built for this kind of challenge.

Yeah, Fire Emblem’s linearity definitely hurts the ability for the series to be raced compared to something like a 3D platformer. 3H would probably be a better choice, but I’m just not familiar enough with it to make challenges for that game specifically. I think FE8 is still a fair choice since the game is relatively short, so I’ll stick with that for now.

There are also ways to make the bingo board more balanced by attributing “points” to each goal so that every potential bingo line adds up to the same point total. This wouldn’t solve the linearity problem, but it would hopefully make it more fun to play.

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