Fire Emblem Awakening editor


I’ve found some Nightmare modules and maybe others too but Nightmare doesn’t want to launch them, it says it’s not able to run them on the current version. I didn’t find any newer version of Nightmare though, how is it possible?

I’ve tried with Paragon too, it didn’t want to launch Fates rom at all but it accepted Awakening, although now it refuses to use the .json files to edit things.

How do you edit Awakening (and Fates if that’s not another entire topic) with Paragon or Nightmare? Is it worth going through the pain of trying hex editing instead?

I’d really want to be able to modify character data in both (since I’d like them to be more like Radiant Dawn, where they don’t start like weaklings unless they’re with the DB and they don’t have caps that completely render the main game obsolete) and class data (mainly max stats) so I can find the balance between Awakening and Radiant Dawn (and optionnally Fates).

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I’ve tried editing Awakening. Nothing seems to work for it…:[

Thanks for your answer, I hope someone else has succeeded and can help us. After all there are definitely randomizers that work so it’s not impossible (watch Mangs on YT he plays many hacks, mods and randomized Emblems, and some are Awakening).

Yeah, I’ve heard of him. He’s not that well-liked around these parts, although I’m mostly ambivalent.

Any game can be hacked, it’s just that interest is fairly low. The only Awakening hack I know of is the Gay Awakening hack, which is alright.

I applied that patch merely for the custom conversations.

Mangs is kind of a troll in the FE community, he often plays like a beginner and ends up getting his units killed for no reason, but sometimes he’s funny and he has put many hack Emblems to the light, which is why I think he’s good for the community. And his laugh is funny.

I have the Gay hack module or whatever, but neither Paragon nor Nightmare show it hen I look for things to mod, patches etc. Even the .nmm files of Awakening refuse to be used with Nightmare and there’s no other program called Nightmare that I could use to lauch it, is the whole Nightmare file the only program is Nightmare, that I’ve used with GBA and Wii modules with success and it doesn’t work with 3DS modules for some compatibility reason.

For reasons I’m not going to get into, I’m going to ask that you cut the Mangs discussion here.

Sorry, I digressed.

and what about trying nightmare 2.0. ?