Fire Emblem - Arrow Of Freedom

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Hi everyone! (English isn’t my main language so you know, sry for bad english)

About a month ago, I decided to make a hack with
What I made/learned over the years.
The first few chapters I made are still a bit unpolished, (especially the gameplay and also the edgy writing)
But I guess it’s good enough for a start.

You can find the download of the patch Here


On a far, far away land,
There used to be a prince
Who dreamt of adventure.
But as the war was near,
His own freedom was robbed for his security.
Many, Many, Many times he tried to escape,
But to no avail.
All thoses trials and errors for
Nothing but a foolish and blurry goal.
Mocked by his own citizens and deemed
Worthless for his foolish recklesness,
Everyone thought he would someday
Grow out of it and be reasonable.
That is until one day…

  • This hack was made with Febuilder and features a prologue+2 chapters for now.
  • Made the portraits and ripped the music with Vgmtrans myself
  • New classes and monsters!

If I forgot anyone, please let me know.

Battle animations

Brigand reskin by Leo_Link, Iscaneus
Lyn reskin for myrmidon (F) by Leo_Link, Iscaneus, headband by 7743
Cavalier(M) And Knight(M) by Team SALVAGED
Phantom by TheBlindArcher, Improvements and scripting by Arch, Skitty, T
Fe10 style soldier by Flasuban
Wild Wyvern by Mercenary Lord, Scripted by Faeriefruit, Improved by SME and Faeriefruit
Thug(M) by Monkeybard, Miguel-Rojo
Archer Variant by Flasuban and DertheVaporeon

Class Cards/moving and standing map sprites

Myrmidon(F) Sword by FEGirls
Cavalier(M) by Team SALVAGED
Shaman(F) by IS
Thug(M) by Rasdel
Wild Wyvern by Faeriefruit
Hunter (M) MeatOfJustice-style by Knabepicer
Soldier (M) Shield Lance by Rexacuse, Peerless, Alusq


Bg87/Bg81 by 7743


Desert Bastion Village (Alt) {Gamma, ZoramineFae, Venno, N426}
Desert Bastion By HyperGammaSpaces


16_tracks_12_sounds by Agro/Brendor
256 Color Title Background 20180611 by Leonarth
CasualMode(Ver Flag 0xB0) by circleseverywhere and Vesly
Casual mode(Menu at game start) by HyperGammaSpaces ,7743 ,Vesly
Fix CG Fade Glitch and Use HandAxs motion as generic motion for throwing axes by 7743
Convert Chapter Titles to Text, Map Danger Zone, Drum Fix by circleseverywhere
Actions After Support/Talk (Contemporary Style) by circleseverywhere (and compatability by 7743)
Map Danger Zone (Select:Toggle) by circleseverywhere
drumfix by circleseverywhere
Add Event: Split Menu by stan and circleseverywhere
01 and 48command_hack, Anti-Huffman by Hextator (and compatability by 7743)
fix_lz77decompress by Tequila
Range Display Fix 20211217 by 7743 and original by StanH
HandAxs motion as generic motion for throwing axes by 7743
HPBars by circleseverywhere, stan and zane
SOUND_NIMAP by Alusq and circleseverywhere
SummonEXP: When summoned monster defeats an enemy, the summoner gains EXP by Snakey1
Change support conversation to 5 people instead of 5 times by Aera
ModularMinimugBox by a lot of people!
Remove fog from background of the save menu by pikmin

Febuilder by 7743
The FEU community

Other (Content Rating, Bugs)
  • image The hack could be 13 and up, but I don’t know where I am going, also monsters.

  • If there’s a few bugs, please let me know! I tested it both on VBA and nogba so besides
    “the unfinished parts” I don’t think there will be a lot of problem.

Screenshot2Screenshot 01
Screenshot 02Screenshot3
Screenshot 04

As some may know, I also have a Spriting thread that I try to update as much as I can
And that won’t change. If I want to make progress on the hack, I’ll do that. But If I want to make splices and leave this project for dead for a whole year, then so be it.
With that in mind I hope you have a good time playing it!


this does look promising i think i might enjoy it


Hmm an archer lord ? I’m definitely gonna play it


I played it and it was so much fun! I’ll patiently wait for updates

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So uh… chapter 3, when the bosses are supposed to swap positions (I think?) the game seems to break. Just kinda… stops. Dunno what’s causing that, might dig around a bit.

Update: No clue lol. In other news, pretty solid so far. Dialogue is a bit off, but it’s readable enough that it doesn’t harm the experience. My suggestion would be to give the soldier an iron lance in the prologue, since the axereaver only has 15 uses, and that kinda leads to him just… doing nothing? I didn’t get to the armory in the prologue, so I don’t even know if you have gold, but either way, it’d probably help. In any case, really solid for a demo, can’t wait for more!

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But this is still not as good as good old Resonnance. You are missing the best unit :heart:
But I’m glad to see you finally released a hack.

I’m definitely gonna have to keep a eye on this one

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Fixed, The problem was that the game couldn’t follow the pace, crashing it.

Reaver Weapons have more uses now. Enemies will drop Iron lances in the first few chapters

Can’t say It’s gonna be worse from now on but… yeah dialogue isn’t my forte

Glad to see you too

Anyway with that out of the way,
It’s been a week since the project is out and I’m glad that people are liking it!

The patch has been uptaded! (and the link has been changed since I’m also figuring out how dropbox works)

Changelog, What's new
  • Overall, while still unpolished, the placeholder texts were filled for the most part so you should understand a bit more what’s going on. (If you found typos, let me know!)

  • Few visuals improvements in Chapter 1 (the one after the prologue) and made it more
    Interesting toward the end of it.

  • Chapter 2 is playable and almost finished, (Dialogues and level design still need improvements) The start event was improved, along with the map who shrinked a bit.

  • Chapter 3 is somewhat playable (the map is done, the unit are placed, 1 event and 1-2 dialogues but that’s pretty much it)

  • Few characters palettes were done, Modified a bit Sen sprite. (not much the neck shading was bugging me) Also fixed the sprite I was using for Anna.

  • Added a few stuff from the repo (battle animations and tileset)