Fire Emblem: A Darker Light

Well, let’s just talk about me first.
I’m a failure “hacker” who tried to hack things.
In the middle of my first project (nah, it was just the prologue) thanks to @Arch i thought to myself if i was doing something that people will appreciate.
Well, i don’t think so. It was the same after fe7 project who covers the characters the person liked most.
Weellll… So i scrapped it. There should be a topic here about it.

I was thinking something. About the Elimine church and those things.
I honestly thought of doing a short hack which covers the scouring, how things happened and blah blah but then i said no.
So there is my new project, hoping it will not result in a failure again: A Darker Light! And i’m going to take this thing until it’s finished.
Let’s say something about it. (Side note: i don’t have nothing, screenshots nor something. Literally nothing. Will try to have something to show up as soon as possible)
After the Events of FE6, all the legendary weapons returned to someone.
Particularly, the Holy Maiden/Saint’s Staff and the Aureola Tome returned to the Elimine Church.
As we seen on FE6 but even in FE7 (cough Kenneth cough) the Elimine Church ever had its problems, corrupted bishops and things.
Let’s see the story of a normal boy who had his parents (?) killed by someone he don’t know, and the story of an illegitimate son of a famed bishop in the church.

ok now everyone can just do nothing because there is actually nothing to say about this
just wait for the screenshots, damn it xD


I’ll vocalise my support for this. Best of luck to you, brah.

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Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it.

I just want to remember this project is NOT dead c:

I see.


ehm, i have nothing.

BUT it is not dead
(just wait one or two months and i’ll just re-post here writing that the project is not dead)
no really, i’ll try to show off something as soon as possible (maybe not really soon)