Fire Emblem 8: The Fallen Princess CH: 23+ Ending Complete+ DLC 14 Chapters

I like to put a humorous character into each of my projects.
This type of characters helps make the story lighter and less dark.
In Fire Emblems, the soundtrack and the type of story always leads you to create very dark stories, if you don’t pay attention to the words you use and the development of the plot, a dark story can become very ridiculous.

Okay the Camuh in this is pretty hard (won’t say why it’s hard cause spoiler)
Had to reset to the last level and give the lord more levels and stuck up on vulneraries
not mad or anything, still enjoying my time! I should’ve prepared more and actually use my lord more anyways.

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Thank you for playing.
Yes, chapters 18, 20, 21 and 22 are quite difficult if not approached in the right way.

When I first tested the mod, I also had a Lord with a low level, because I had focused on the progression and use of the other characters in battle, to create something as balanced and tactical as possible.
In fact, those bosses in the first version are much weaker.
But during the next tests, when I went to do those levels, I had a much stronger lord and they were almost ridiculous to do, just send Ephraim and destroy everything.
This is why in the final version I had to predict that such a thing would happen and therefore I made sure that Ephraim did not have the advantage with any of those bosses, to prevent the lord from breaking the final chapters.

However, I also thought of a player who hadn’t decided to raise the lord by many levels or that he would have been unlucky with Ephraim’s level up.
All final chapters can also be completed by having a Lord with a level 1 promotion.

Chapter 18 can be completed in a single turn regardless of Ephraim’s stats using Ephraim’s personal weapon and abilities.
But also the boss can kill you in one turn because she can take advantage of the Death Blow and Frenzy skills and her shield allows her to greatly increase her resistance in battle.
A prolonged battle will put you at a disadvantage against her due to her abilities.

Chapter 20 can be very complicated if you are not careful about the enemy’s weapons, you will have to carefully position your allies and try not to take too much damage, because otherwise once you are wounded by the enemy the boss will exploit the fact that you you are wounded to deliver the final blow with his long-range weapon.
In that chapter, only one type of weapon has an advantage and you will have to find out which one it is, and you will also have to make very good use of Knoll’s weapon, Natasha’s heals and the support skills of your allies.

Chapter 21 is very complex because you will have to pay attention to the reflection skills of the enemies that will allow them to reflect every hit suffered by you.
The advice I can give is to quickly eliminate the first enemy to get an Elixir from him and then structure your strategy to survive.
After 6 turns or 8 turns you will be given the final weapon of the game, you can use it to defeat the enemies and the boss.
While the final weapon will give you a big advantage against the boss, his Pavise and Aegis abilities will allow him to ignore the damage taken from your attacks in % of his skill and he will be resistant to any critical hit.

The Final Chapter can be completed using all of your allies’ support skills to aid Ephraim, and you can also use allies with high speed to support Ephraim in battle.
The final boss is immune to all offensive abilities, can always strike first even if attacked by your allies and has a 34% chance each turn to hit 5 times even though each attack will inflict half the damage, plus each until turn if the boss’s attack hits, all your allies near the boss suffer a 20% reduction in HP.
However I made sure that by equipping the final weapon with Ephraim, you cannot be defeated in a single boss action, even if he hits 5 times.

In the end I wanted to create something strategic and as balanced as possible, in which each weapon had its disadvantages, advantages and each character had a different use in battle.
I wanted each map to test the player’s skill, not by creating foolishly powerful, high-number enemies, but by making each map have few enemies but tactically positioned in order to make that map technically more difficult.
The boss fights are designed to make you make the most of the characters and their qualities in battle.

As much as I know that there are still some things wrong with the mod, and I also know that being the only one to have worked on the project without someone’s support and advice the mod will not be perfect from a tactical and balancing point of view, but still I am very happy with this project.

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Update 1.1
Slightly reduced the difficulty of Chapter 12 The Shield of Empire.
Increased all Silver weapons power by one point.
Increased Bolting and Purge’s WT by two points.
Increased hand axe WT by one point.
Increased Tomahawk Accuracy by +5 Hit.
Fixed Knoll and Amelia moving sound.
Changed the class name of Forde.
Added an easier version of the game that you can choose at the beginning of the story.
Added a tutorial that will explain the different game mechanics during the story.
Added 70 lines of dialogue that will form the supports that will serve to delve the game world.
Changed the ‘‘This is not a goodbye’’ ending to be a link that leads to the continuation of the DLC.
Added a Torch Staff to the Chapter 13 Store.
Reduced the power of the Torch staff by 2 points.
Reduced Devil Sword’s WT by two points.
Reduced all enemies from chapter 16+ by two levels.
Nosferatu had a -10 Hit and a +3 WT making this spell less broken.
Fixed Amelia’s class so she can now use Canto.
Ephraim’s Great Lord and Knight Lord promotion will now not slow him down during Chapter 12 while it’s raining.
Slightly changed the chapter 7 map.
Reduced Ballista accuracy by -5% hit.
Slightly reduced stats of all promoted enemies.
Increased the level of Joshua and Myrrh by one point, when you meet them.
Added a dialogue between the chapter 10 boss and one of your characters.
The ‘‘supports conversation’’ area has been corrected, now only the supports and characters of the mod will appear.
Reduced the stats and power of the chapter 20 boss.
Reduced final boss weapon power by 3 points.
Balanced the chapter 18 boss battle.


DLC Update:
Improved balancing of all maps.
Improved Enemy AI.
Changed the placement of some enemies.
Changed the AI of some enemies.
Changed the equipment of some enemies.
Made Bosses less powerful but smarter.
Increased the rewards you get in some chapters by +500 gold.
Fixed some bugs that appeared at the end of the prologue and chapter 1.
Reduced Drain Blade crit -5%
Reduced Cleaver’s crit -10%.
Made chapter 6 easier and faster.
Made the Ghoul Weapons, obtainable from the secret shop, more powerful.
Reduced Magic Bow’s attack power by -3 points and accuracy -5%
Made chapter 9 win condition clearer.
Made clearer the tile to reach to complete chapter 6.
Increased Lyndis’s Con by two points.
Reduced the number of enemies in some maps.
Reduced Devil Sword’s WT by 2 points.
Increased Alter Sword’s WT by 4 points.
Added a readme file that will explain the difficulty to choose.


V 1.2
Small update that balances the Fae weapon making it a less broken weapon.

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V 1.3
Another small update that adds battle animations to both Forde for his bow and Myrrh for her dragon stone.
The update has been done to both the main story and the DLC.


Hey!. I haven’t updated the story in a while.
I had to abandon the project because I had moved to a new country and therefore had to settle into my new life, job and make friends, so the project was not my priority.
Usually when I create projects, if I like them, I always leave them open in case I want to go back to work on them to improve them or deepen the game world and this is what happened with The Fallen Princess.
The first part of the story is very light and I tried to make it fun by focusing more on the gameplay making it accessible for every type of player, from the most hardcore to the most casual. Only after half of the first part of the story (chapter 13+) does the project become slightly more serious. But for the DLC called the ‘‘Tower of Trials’’, I wanted to create something more mysterious that would capture the attention of those who decided to try and continue the adventure of this project.
In fact, those who have played the first part of the story and the DLC can notice the heavy change in the plot and narration.
Being set in the Tower of Valni I took the opportunity to add other characters from other Fire Emblem worlds.

So in short I will return to work on this small but nice project that I hold very dear.
Having lost all my saves, I have already recompleted and tested the first part and now all I have to do is replay the DLC in order to continue the story.
As soon as I finish playing and testing it again in both normal mode and hard mode, I will return to this site for future updates.
Since the DLC includes 14 chapters I think I’m more than halfway through the story, so I think there will be another 4-5 chapters left to reach the end of even this small project.

In the meantime I will leave a poll asking you if you liked the story and the balance of the various maps.

So we’ll be in touch shortly for the continuation of Fire Emblem the Fallen Princess.

  • I liked the story.
  • I didn’t like the story.
  • The story is nothing special.

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  • I liked the gameplay.
  • I didn’t like the gameplay.
  • For some reasons the gameplay wasn’t to my liking.

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It’s been a long time since I used Fire Emblem Builder due to this break I took, so it will be fun to learn how to use it again.


Here I am again.
I said I would let people know when the project restarted.
I replayed and tested the project and I’m currently continuing the story, chapter 14 ‘‘Reunion’’ has currently been finished.

For those who have played the DLC and have read the message at the end of the game, it will be explained to them that the project link will be updated every 3 chapters.
So I will update the link on the page when chapter 16 is completed.

Here is a preview of chapter 14 which explains that the project is still moving forward, albeit slowly due to job and other things, but I am still working on it.

As usual above this message there is a poll, if you want vote, and let me know what you think with your vote of the gameplay and the story.