Fire Emblem 8: The Fallen Princess CH: 23+ Ending Complete+ DLC 14 Chapters

Amazing work, ill w8 till hard mode is tested and ill give it a try.

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Final Update:
Increased the accuracy of the Fire Emblem by 10%.
Emperor stats reduced: -3 HP -1 All stats -2 Def
Poison Dirk damage increased by +2
Support boss location changed in Chapter 7
Adjusted the positioning of an enemy in Chapter 17
Balanced the assassin class.
Correction of a few dialogues and other small errors.
Duessel no longer starts with the Luna ability.
The soldier class no longer develops the ‘’ Savior ‘’ skill at level 8, now this skill can only be unlocked by making the promotion to Knight.

The game balance has been completely changed to suit Hard Mode.
The previous version had the difficulty increase of the original FE 8, but in this version the difficulty level has been changed:
Enemies Level: Prologue-CH 7: Normal LV -2 Hard LV +1
CH 7-CH 16: Normal LV -2 Hard LV +2
CH 17-Ending: Normal LV -2 Hard +3

Last Version:
Enemies Level: Prologue-CH 7: Normal LV +0 Hard LV +3
CH 7-CH 16: Normal LV +0 Hard LV +4
CH 17-Ending: Normal LV +0 Hard +5

This means that Normal mode will be slightly more difficult than before, all enemies will have all their parameters increased by 1 and 2-3 HP more from chapter 13 onwards.
Bosses will also be slightly more powerful.

Hard mode has been fully tested.
Again, this difficulty is designed to make the most of the balance created, so you will have to use the appropriate weapons at the right time and move each unit thinking, otherwise you will be destroyed by the enemies.

There will be two difficulty peaks in Normal Mode:
From chapter 7 onwards and from chapter 13 onwards

Instead in Hard mode the difficulty peaks will be 3
From Chapter 7, Chapter 12 and Chapter 16

Choose Normal mode to have a balanced difficulty, the game will start very simple like a standard Fire Emblem and the difficulty curve will slowly grow, the game will become difficult from chapter 16 onwards.

Choose Hard mode if you are a veteran and if you like high difficulties. I’m not kidding, if you choose Hard mode, surely you could start losing the game from chapter 8 onwards.


I am writing this now because when I put the final version online I was too tired to write this message.

With the end of this story I managed to reach my goal, to create 3 different stories using FE 6, 7 and 8 as a basis using three narratives and three different types of gameplay.

FE 7 Path of a Hero: A Dark story with gameplay primarily focused on the story and individual characters.
The characters develop through the story without the need for supports and the story tries to leave something to the player, despite errors due to language and other small things.

FE 6 The Royal Army: A more serious story with simple and straightforward gameplay whose difficulty is designed to be challenging.
The supports are activated during the individual chapters of the story, and they adapt to what is happening on the battlefield and the story tries to be mature by balancing gameplay and narration.

FE 8 The Fallen Princess: A simple story at times nice but with a slightly more serious ending that tries not to be anything special but that has a more solid and much better balanced gameplay and that tries to make the most of the skill system introduced thanks to various Fire Emblem Builder patches.
The supports will be original as if it were a normal Fire Emblem but the characters support the protagonist during the story trying not to be reduced to mere secondary characters.

I enjoyed creating these three projects and I like to see that although all three were created by me, each of them manages to give a different atmosphere and playability.
I also like to see how in each project I create my mod skills using Fire Emblem Builder have improved over time.

When I started the academy, I thought I was finished making mods for games forever, but continuing to work on this project, despite the tiredness of the studies, made me realize that I cannot be without creating for too long.

Who knows maybe in the future I will start creating a real hack like the others on this community without using the original Fire Emblem as a basis, a game completely made by me with completely new characters, a completely my world and a new soundtrack, but for the moment I will just complete and deepen the three small worlds created with these three projects.

So DLC could be released for this story as a success for Path of a Hero and as it will happen for The Royal Army as well.
Surely in the next update of this mod there will be supports and then I will work on the various small DLC.

And nothing, I think for the moment I will take a break from the world of Fire Emblem, to go and work on simpler and balancing mods for other games, as I did before.
But I could return very soon to continue working on these three projects, if I have the desire to create and continue these three stories and the patience to do so.

So for those who downloaded my mods, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it and remember these are just fanfics, so don’t be mad if some characters look completely different from the original, in the end these are just games made for hobbies.

I thank the creator of Fire Emblem Builder for allowing me for the first time to be able to truly create a story and not just limit myself to small or total gameplay changes but leaving the narrative of the game completely unaltered and anyone who has joined the discord server of my mods to help me correct mistakes or give me advice to improve them.


Poor Amelia, do I really have to kill her? She was a recruitable character on sacred stone now I really have to defeat her? Is there a way to have her join like the rest of sacred stone character? ): And Syrene, not her too. Glad to avoid her but man. This is like other world of them like dbz dbs btw love the hack

Amelia is a very important character in this story. Just continue and finish the chapter to know how it will end. :wink:

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I did it right away and yaay she joined! Thank you! ^^ I’m so happy cause it’s sad to harm a girl or child. She just a child to me of course. XD


@EmaColito Thanks for creating this hack all on ur own, i had some fun with it!

Story was ok BUT the gameplay difficulty on Hard was too much for me so i had to restart on normal to complete it. I liked it so next time in the future ill come back to try to complete it on Hard!

Music was fine too, and some of the maps like fog of war was extremely hard and sometimes i needed only luck to complete it wich i didnt like so much.

My Fav char was Prince Ephraim!

Good Luck on ur next project!

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Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.
As I had already said before, for this small project I focused mainly on the gameplay, trying to create something balanced and strategic, so the story is very simple and linear with a few twists and the characters only serve to make you do some small laugh.
I think the job of a game is to entertain the player and also I wanted to try to create something different from my usual projects.

As I said before, the Hard difficulty is designed for the player to commit, so it’s very ruthless and it’s not for everyone and that’s okay.

I am happy that although no one helped me during the tests there are no errors that could break the game or the various maps as happened in the past with Path of a Hero.

Fog maps are thoughtful so that you use a defense strategy and progress slowly in these types of maps.
Ephraim clearly explains to you what kind of strategy to use to deal with the fog, but still you can always advance with Duessel to weaken and find the enemies that are hidden in the fog, also you can just use a simple strategy like having units stand near Duessel to find a bonus +2 damage -2 damage taken, to Ephraim to have a Hit-Avo advantage of + 10% and Knoll to recover 10% of HP each turn, depending on the type of strategy you want to use, each character has own use in battle, taking advantage of their skills each chapter is very simple to complete.
And the weapons were thought so that their use was much more strategic in battle so that each one had a use and advantages and disadvantages in battle depending on the enemy you decide to face.

As soon as I have some free time I will go back to work on my various projects to improve and deepen them further so expect further updates, especially for the supports between the various characters for this story.

And nothing, thanks for playing this little project. :slight_smile:


Is Franz supposed to have 3 move?

Yes, all classes have undergone a movement reduction of one point, to prevent that some bad player(This has happened in the past.) from using some methods to break the map, as the maps are simple and small, also the movement of the units has been adapted to the gameplay.
Also with Knoll’s ability you can increase the movement by one for a turn, to create offensive actions.
Franz is very easy to level up because he inflicts great damage, moreover the initial enemies have been created so that this unit can deal with them without problems even if he is a recruit, (except enemies with axes), also by developing this unit you will have a fighter with the highest HP on your team.

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Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for explaining your reasoning. I’m enjoying it so far as well! Thanks for your hard work on this one.
Also Forde does not have an animation when entering battle.

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Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.
The class that Forde uses is the nomad class, his role is to inflict light but multiple damage, very useful against the flying units or to quickly reduce the HP of the enemies.
Forde’s portrait has armor but the nomad class taken from FE 6 doesn’t have an animation with armor, so I decided to just keep the sword cavalier animation using armor of FE 8 for Forde.
You’ll find the same thing with Myrrh, as her portait recolor does not match her battle dragon animation recolor, her class’s battle animation has been disabled.

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Ah Gotcha thanks for the tip. I’m big on animations and watching them so would you mind if I just inserted a basic nomad and mamkete animation for them even if they don’t look exactly like their portrait? I didn’t want to edit your hack without your permission. I’m not distributing it or anything, it’ll be for personal use.

No problem, you can make all the changes you want, the important thing is that you have fun. :wink:


Hello everybody.
I just wanted to advise that for the moment I am working on the second part of the story of FE 8 the fallen princess.
For those who have played and completed the story, they will surely have read the words of Ephraim and Eirika to the player and you will know that although the project is currently complete, this one you are playing is only the first part of the story.
The academy is taking me a long time, but I love this project too much and I intend to finish it, I don’t care how long it will take to finish it.

Due to a mistake of mine, during the final tests, I accidentally deleted all the save files and therefore for the moment I am playing the mod in both Normal and Hard mode.
As soon as I complete it again, I can continue the story.
So it will take a while before I start working on the second part of the story, but I still wanted to warn everyone that the project is not dead.

In the second part of the game I intend to create an improved and much more strategic balance taking a cue from FE 3H where the characters will have stats and levels that exceed 40+ and with the enemies that will adapt to this change and FE Shadow of Valentia where the strategic position of the enemies will prevent the player from winning without using a proper strategy against them.

As much as I have tried to create something simple, balanced and strategic, I feel that I can make the most of the system of skills and growth of the characters, giving even better to the mod.
Obviously I will always follow the original balance by creating simple maps but with few but dangerous enemies so that if the player loses he will not have a sense of frustration and will not decide to use the Save Files (I hope).

Apart from this I will also add modified weapons for the enemies with different icons and bonus abilities so that they can counter your units.
I would also like to add new promotion classes that use weapons other than the usual classes, it may be that the characters can also have a third promotion so that the player can use the new classes.

In the future, when I have recompleted the mod in both Normal and Hard mode, I may decide to create a survey to understand what kind of difficulty the mod gives to the player so that I can continue the second part and create the strategic balance using that survey as starting point, since during the tests I had characters with different statistics and levels based on the strategy I wanted to use and the use of the characters in battle.

As usual, if you find any errors that can break the game or ruin the gaming experience, please feel free to notify me on this post or by joining the discord server.

Have fun for those who decide to download and play this little reskin and for those who are already doing it. :laughing:


Ah I forgot to add that I will use a different rom for the second part of the story.
For the simple fact that the new additions could ruin the balance created earlier in the first part of the story.

When everything is fully tested, I will join the two parts to create a single patch.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to warn you that I am working on the DLC for FE 8 The Fallen Princess.
I have decided to create a story in the middle between the first part and the second part so that the player understands what happens after the end of the first part of the game that is not explained to you for the simple reason that all the characters greet the player by saying that the story is not over and it will continue.

A little Preview

As usual this is just a hobby, so I don’t know how long it will take to create this story as well.
When the DLC has reached at least 2 hours of gameplay it will put the Trial Demo online.

See you at the next update. :laughing:


And here’s another little story update.
I will try to make as few videos updates as possible to avoid giving spoilers to the player.

The Valni tower is a place created by Deos in another dimension.
In this place Ephraim will meet characters from other worlds who will help him overcome the various tests of the tower and save his friends. But what will be the real goal of Deos and why did he save Ephraim’s life?

The main characters who will join Ephraim are directly taken from the worlds of Path of a Hero and The Royal army, two reskins in which I have spent and worked.
So don’t be surprised if the characters will have different characters from the original FE 7 and FE 6, because this story, like the others I have created in the past, are just fanfiction created as a hobby


Here’s another small DLC update.
The gameplay has reached over an hour of play, so I think by reaching chapter 8 or 9 I will put the trial demo online.

Ephraim and his friends continue their advance in the tower trying to survive the trials of Deos and his illusions.
But an expected guest makes Deos worry, it will be Martle who takes care of him at the entrance of the Valni tower.

As usual before putting it online, I will test the whole story again from the beginning both in normal and in hard mode, in order to have a trial demo that is not too unbalanced for those who want to try it.


I just wanted to warn you that the trial demo of the interlude of FE 8 The Fallen Princess is now online.

The DLC currently only contains 9 chapters, both of which have been fully tested in both normal and hard mode.

Some additions of the DLC are:
A new story set shortly after the first part.
Combat system changed.
3 different characters to use in battle.
9 new maps.
Secret Tower Shop.
Changes to the strategic system.
New weapons for enemies, now you will have to fight enemies in a different way than usual.

Weapons added:
Invert Spear, Sword and Axe and Cleaver: Invert and duplicate the weapon bonus.
Alter Sword: With low attack power, high critical chance and ignores enemies defenses.
Elfin Bow: Bow that hits both near and far.
Magic Bow: Bow that deals damage based on the enemy’s RES parameter.
Horror Claw: Moderately powerful claw that can poison.
Demon Eye: Drains the HP of the enemy.
Heroes weapons: They belong to characters from other worlds.
Mage Masher: Moderate attack and critical hit power, effective against infantry mages and magical creatures.
Wilds Blade: Low attack power but allows double hits much easier and ignores enemy defense.
Atomos: deals moderate damage and is very heavy, moderate increases the critical hit.
Effective against cavalry humans and monsters
Hope Spear: Very heavy but also very powerful, it hits from a distance and greatly increases the critical hit.
Atlas: Effective against swordsmen, deals heavy damage.
Heavy Axe: Very powerful and doubles the weapon bonus.
And other things …

This will be a small preview of the changes I want to make to the gameplay in the second part of the game, at the moment all these changes are being tested to see if they can give a different strategic experience.

Here is a poll to understand what the player thinks of the changes made to this small project.

  • I like the story.
  • I don’t like the story.

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  • The different combat system allowed me to use different strategies.
  • The different combat system didn’t push me to use different strategies.
  • I like the different combat system, but the enemy placement in the various game maps didn’t push me to use different strategies.

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That said, I will update the project every three completed chapters.
Being a trial demo, you may have some slight changes as the project progresses with updates.