Fire Emblem 8 PME

Trying to get better at hacking so i figured I would try a PME. Let’s hear the suggestions. Let’s make it interesting and playable!

Eirika and Ephraim swap growths. Both lords get full weapon triangle (swords, lances, axes) upon Promotion

Seth is a summoner and suffers -5 to all of his base stats. Hope you like summoning.

Neimi is replaced with a gorgon, balance her however you see fit

Lute is replaced with a mogall, same as above

All Creature Campaign characters join in the main story after the lord meets them the first time.

Yes, that means Valter joins during the tutorial.

All revenents/entombed are cavaliers/great knights, with equipment to match.

Iron Swords now have 2 less Mt and 2 more Wt, but they have the Brave effect.

Steel Axes are now D-rank, and have 4 less Mt, but 20 more hit and the Reaver effect.

Short Spears do magical damage and have +10 Crit, but also +2 Wt.

Silver Bows now do effective damage against horseback units, instead of flying units.

Thunder has 2-3 range now, and gets -10 Hit but +10 Crit.

Shine has 1 range now, but grants +5 Def and has +20 Hit.

Evil Eye has the reaver effect, and 2-3 range.

remove weapon triangle


Artur is replaced by FE4 Arthur and is a mage, starts with Fire and Vulnerary
Franz is replaced by FE4 Tristan and is sword locked at Tier 1, starts with iron sword
Lyon’s portrait is replaced with Rose from FE6

Bolting is now 1 range but has 24 might, 35 crit and 15 weight
All poison weapons have devil effect
Silver Blade is now effective against monsters but gets +1 mt +5 wt +10% hit

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Knights, Generals and Great Knights now have flier terrain costs.
Valter’s class is now an Entombed, purely for irony.
Every bow has 1-3 range.
O’Neill is a dracozombie with incredibly low stats.
Saar, Aias and Vigarde now have Breguet’s name and portrait.
Reaver weapons no longer reverse the triangle, but instead are flier effective.
Steel blades now have 1-2 range, do magic damage and have +5% hit -2 Wt.

Amelia is now a level 1 Warrior with a B rank in bows and C rank in axes, her character bases are unchanged but all of her growths have been buffed by 60%.

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Gilliam is now Kellam from FE13. His portrait is the placeholder “?” man. His growth rates are his FE13 growths -15. (So, 85% HP, 50% Str, 40% Skl, 30% Spd, 20% Lck, 55% Def, 20% Res)

The Chapter 1 Breguet is a recruit, but boosted stats to make him not a joke. (So each Breguet fight has him increase one class tier)

Reiv is replaced by Oliver from FE10 and is recruitable if you talk to him with Myrrh. He should be really creepy and cringey in that conversation.


Franzs is replaced by Alphonse Elric and Forde is replaced by Edward Elric. Both change classes to mages.

I already changed franz

Ross and Garcia are Manaketes

Javelins and hand axes have 3-10 range but have 0 mt, 60 acc, and cannot crit

All effective weapons against horses (Horseslayer, Halberd, Zanbato) are effective against monsters but have -3 attack and -10 hit

Garcia is replaced with Dorcas and has FE 6 Karel growth rates, but all his bases are 1


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Damage minimum is 1.

Dancers can move 10 spaces but their stat caps are halved, except for speed and resistance which are 30.
Tethys is now a Paladin with B rank in available weapon types.
Gerik is now a Dancer and has 20 constitution.
Ewan starts as a Super Trainee Pupil.
Fomortiis uses Sophia’s portrait and is renamed to “The Funny”.

Four way dancing refresh like Fe4.
Nanna replaces L’Arachel
Leif replaces Dozla
Finn replaces Rennac

Must have powerful boss, something like bloopy from The Heroes We Deserve.
Not broken, but mighty.