Fire Emblem 8 Maniac Mode

finally, a true balance patch.
FE8MM seeks to find everything wrong with our beloved Tellius, add some spice from other bad hacks, and apply it to FE8 because I don’t have an original bone in my body.
Fast, bulky, but otherwise weak enemies that only exist to slow you down.
Inflated caps of 60 in everything and growths that always end in 5’s due to my crippling autism.
Gameplay that was (and likely still is if you look hard enough) broken to hell and back.
7 maps of the pinnacle of map design.
Pointless aesthetic changes.
O’Neill as a boss or midboss(es) in about half the chapters so far.
Two difficulties, though it may as well be one due to difficult mode enemies getting stupid bonuses.
Joshua missing. Nothing of value was lost. Assassin Colm is better.

Patch it over US FE8 if that wasn’t obvious enough.
This build goes up to chapter 5x.
heres the download
This entire post was me trying to be professional.
and funny but i failed both

EDIT: fixed the download, oneill now works, sorry to the two people who downloaded it before.
EDIT 2: slightly buffed enemies, oneill now has stats
the enemy buffs in prologue are frustrating as fuck, thief girl cant double and seth deals just under half damage to regular enemies :^)
also screenshots per the request of @StreetHero:


Okay, this is epic.

The quality content I expect from this community



So what is this exactly…?

basically taking the awful design of tellius and applying it to fe8

So it’s a clone of Radiant Dawn?

and por

Screenshot pls

dunzo bb

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Petition to make the entire character roster O’Neill

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