Fire Emblem 8/7 Character Swap

A different way to play fe8
Much like my FE7/6 patch, this lets you play FE8 with the FE7 cast. Each unit you recruit has been replaced with an FE7 character. SInce the FE7 & 8 cast are very similar, it was a lot easier to match the units between each game. (i.e. Eirika/Lyn, Seth/Marcus, Franz/Lowen, etc).
I wanted this patch to only change the characters, growths, and bases; but no other gameplay mechanics. Some other minor changes will be listed here and in a note in the folder with the patch.

If you find any issues or have any feedback, I’m open to hearing what you guys think. I’m not sure if I’ll tackle FE6 with 7 and 8 or find something else to work on.


I’d like to play fe7 with fe8 cast.Would you mind making an fe7/8 patch?

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