Fire Emblem 7, With a playable Mark!

So, remember when I said that the previous version was the last? Yeah, never mind that.
I have updated the hack, with the following changes:
*Fixed a bug which caused in chapter 1, I think?

Here’s the Link: Dropbox - FE7 Playable Mark - Simplify your life


For gender you can just make two Marks
A male and a female. Then make an event where you will ask the gender. The answer will leads to add that gender mark to your army

First ur name is not displayed and affinity is always dark
Even if u choose gender male u get a female lastly attacking batta with myself froze the game

Yep, affinity and gender do not change. This is because I could not be bothered to spend upwards of an hour trying to do that lol. The name is just the same as whatever the tact is called in cutscenes, it even uses the same code to call for it. Not sure why that isn’t working here, what emulator are you using?

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I am using Gba emulator

What’s the name of the emulator?

My boy

That one seems to have problems running certain ROMs from what I’ve seen. No clue why, but I use PizzaBoy for mobile emulation, so try that?

Well i was playing other roms so i didnot play this one again but the game is rigged it says lyn doubles but batta doubles lyn and it was a 1 round KO😭

Ok idk why after a restart lyn doubles fine but mark aka me disappears on the next chapter

Yeah I realized that the tact won’t show up lol. Forgot that there’s no battle preps, gonna fix that now.

Right, UPS has been updated. Hopefully the events should be fixed now.

Hello :smile: ,i just wanted to let you know that the link is broken, can you fix it? Thanks

Hello the Dropbox link isn’t working anymore could you please fix it whenever you can I really wanted to try this.

Right, after about two months, the link has been updated. My bad, I seem to have purged my dropbox at some point, and just kinda forgot to replace it lol.

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Hey, just a bump to advertise the new patch/version. Should be much more bug-free now lol. I also realize that this was WAY more popular that I thought it was. like, 127 clicks on the first link, and I was expecting like… 5 lol. Either way, feel free to report any bugs, and I’ll do my best to fix them. The secret in particular is likely gonna be the culprit, but whatever.

Ok i said it before i will say it again i disappear in chapter 1 visiting the house which gives energy ring triggers tutorial in hard mode lyn which when followed freeze the game

  • on a side note fix affinity and gender

Affinity and gender are locked, since there just aren’t enough character slots to account for all of them. outside of that, I’ll try to fix the bug lol.

Alright, fixed. Make sure you aren’t playing Lyn Normal mode, since that mode literally just hasn’t been changed. I uh, didn’t really understand how the tutorial functioned, and when I tried to remove it, it broke. I changed the temporary flag, so maybe it’s fixed?