Fire Emblem 7 Directors Cut

So here is my changes if i was put in charge of Fire Emblem the Blazing Blade.

Major Changes.
4 new playable characters.
2 Bosses now Recruitable.
1 npc now playable.
1 temporary new playable character.
One brand new chapter.

Story Changes.
Eagler is given some additional scenes warning Lyn to stay away from Caelin.
Lundgren is now given more scenes acting evil. Allying himself with the Black Fang. And even survives Lyn mode.
Migal is the leader of the Ganelon Bandits.
A new enemy faction called the Council. A group of high ranking nobles working with the Black Fang. Members consist of Lundgren Darin Helman and 4 new villains General Stone Lord Falcone Lord Dreykov and Lord Sal.
Florina Merlinus Karel and Renault are more important to the story now.
Kenneth and Jerme are now Nergal top lackeys beside his Morphs. And both are now secondary antagonist.
Hausen now dies at the end of chapter 15.
Ninian ether live or dies depending on your actions in chapter 30.

New Playable Characters.

Description. A former member of the Ganelon Bandits.
Starting Class Brigand.
Recruitable in chapter 6. Start as a enemy. Talk with Dorcas.
Return in chapter 17. Start as a green unit. Talk with Lyn or Dorcas.

Description. Lady Lisa retainer and a very close friend.
Starting Class Nomad.
Recruitable automatic joins you in chapter 14.

Description. A former bandit. And brother of Joe.
Starting Class Fighter.
Recruitable in chapter 19x. Start as a enemy. Talk with Joe.

Description. Marquess of Thria who cares for her land and her peoples.
Starting Class Bishop.
Recruitable automatic joins you in chapter 21.

Both Bauker and Eubans are now recruitable.
Bauker Recruitment. Talk with Eliwood in chapter 16.
Eubans Recruitment. Have Heath defeat Eubans in chapter 22.

Igor is now playable.
Description Linus subordinate. And member of the Black Fang.
Starting Class Myrmidon.
Recruitable in chapter 29. Start as a enemy. Talk with Legault or Nino.

Description. A mysterious warrior helping out Lyn.
Update description. A bounty hunter hired by Lundgren to assassinate Lyn.
Starting Class Swordmaster.
Recruitable automatic joins you in chapter 6.
Permanently leaves your party in chapter 9.

Chapter Changes.

Note Talons Alight A Glimpse in Time Crazed Beast and The Value of Life are now playable in Eliwood Mode.

Prologue stay the same.

Chapter 1 the boss Zugu is replaced with Bill.

Chapter 2 Glass can now uses the Mani Katti against your party.

Chapter 3 there now a new mini boss name Derek.
Description. Migal right hand. And top dog of the Ganelon Bandits.
Starting Class Brigand.

Chapter 4 and 5 have no changes.

Chapter 6 a new mini boss name Pubert.
Description. A greedy bartender. Who sold out Lyn to Lundgren.
Starting Class Thief.

Chapter 7 stay the same.

Chapter 7x Beyard is replace with a new boss name Skarlet
Description. One of the Black Fang. Hunts for Ninian and Nils.
Starting Class Myrmidon.

Chapter 8 more ballista.

Chapter 9 Eagler is now a mini boss and Brooklyn is now the main boss.

Chapter 10 the real Lundgren has been replaced with a fake duplicate of himself. And a new mini boss name Miller.
Description. Lundgren retainer. A knight who despise the Sacaen.
Starting Class Knight.

Chapter 11 both Eliwood and Hector chapters stay the same.

Chapter 12 Bill is a mini boss.

Chapter 13 Boies is replaced with Stone. And a new mini boss name Lucas. And you have to defeat Stone before 11 turns pass.
Description. A cowardly retainer to Marquess of Badon. Who sold out his own land.
Starting Class Knight.

Description. A royal servant to General Stone.
Starting Class Shaman.

Chapter 13x no longer a fog of war.

Chapter 14 stays the same.

Chapter 15 there another boss that appears on turn 4 name Spike. You now have to defend the throne for 9 turns.
Description. A arrogant knight part of Eubans Mercenaries.
Starting Class Knight.

Chapter 16 Bauker is no longer a boss and replace with a new one name Rodrick.
Description. A soldier from Caelin. Who hate both Lyn and Hausen.
Starting Class Cavalier.

Chapter 17 Bernard is replaced with Lundgren.

Chapter 17x Damian is replaced with a new boss name Karline.
Description. A pegasus rider part of Eubans Mercenaries.
Starting Class Pegasus Knight.

Chapter 18 Zoldam is replaced with a new boss name Duncan. And Zugu is a mini boss.
Description. One of the Black Fang. Sent to recapture Ninian.
Starting Class Pirate.

Chapter 19 stay the same.

Chapter 19x Aion is replaced with Falcone. There three Sage near where Falcone is and they all have bolting.
Description. Marquess of Bulgar. A very cruel noble.
Starting Class Paladin.

Chapter 19xx there now a Cyclops as a mini boss.

Chapter 20 Cameron is replaced with Bernard. And Ephidel is now a secondary boss in this chapter. Ephidel class is now a Druid.

Chapter 21 Oleg is replaced with Dreykov. A new mini boss name Dutch.
Description. Marquess of Ryerde. A weak noble who refused to fight.
Starting Class Sage.

Description. Dreykov subordinate who does all the work for him.
Starting Class Hero.

Chapter 22 stays the same beside Eubans now being recruitable.

Chapter 23 both Jasmine and Paul are replaced with just Scouran.
Description. A bandit leader who rules over the Nabata Desert.
Starting Class Berserker.

Chapter 23x Kishuna is replaced with a new boss of the chapter name Widow.
Description. A mysterious lady with a unknown origin.
Starting Class Druid.

Chapter 24 in Linus version Igor is a mini boss. And in Lloyd version there a new mini boss name Ryan.
Description. Lloyd subordinate a extremely disloyal warrior.
Starting Class Sniper.

Chapter 25 Pascal is replaced with a new boss name Bruno. And a mini boss name Papi. And all you have to do is defeat Bruno to complete this chapter.
Description. A brute merc that toke over Eubans Mercenaries.
Starting Class General.

Description. Bruno right hand merc.
Starting Class Sniper.

Chapter 26 there a new mini boss name Lockjaw.
Description. A bandit leader. Who Siding with the Black Fang.
Starting Class Warrior.

Chapter 27 both Kenneth and Jerme are replaced with Pascal and Boies. Pascal get a complete redesign. Boies name is changed to Butch.

Chapter 28 no longer a fog of war. Ursula is replaced with Sal. Your protecting Hellene instead of Zephiel. Guard Hellene for 13 turns.
Description. Royal advisor to the Bern royal family. Who securely commit horrible acts.
Starting Class Bishop.

Chapter 28x Ursula is a secondary boss.

Chapter 29 Linus version of the level remain unchange beside Igor being recruitable here. Lloyd version Ryan will appear as a secondary boss if you did Linus version of Four-Fanged Offense.

Chapter 30 nothing is new besides a brand new section where you only play as Eliwood and fighting against the brain wash Ninian as a Dragon. If you refuse to fight her or couldn’t beat her enough time Ninian will Survive and come back later. If you did beat her then Ninian will stay dead.

Chapter 31 Aion is the main boss of the chapter. Denning is now a secondary boss. You now have to defend the throne for 12 turns or defeat both Aion and Denning.

Chapter 31x things remain unchange beside some new additional conversation.

Chapter 32 Limstella is replaced with both Kenneth and Jerme.

Brand New Chapter 33 Live Worth Living.

Limstella is the main boss of this chapter. Widow will appear on turn 4 and will attack both you and Limstella. The objective of this chapter is to beat both Limstella and Widow.

Chapter 33x the chapter remain the same.

Chapter 34 Final Part 1 Aion and Lundgren will appear as Morphs in this chapter for you to fight. Nino Jaffar and Legault will also appear as Morphs if any of them die before this chapter.

Chapter 34 Final Part 2 will remain unchanged

Note all of the Portraits and map was not created by me. They are all made by more talented creators.


An Alternate FE 7, but with a Director’s Cut. This seems promising.


Multiple of these changes come out as just “why”, since there’s little to no explanation to why do they exist. Additionally, most of the boss changes come off as absolutely random with no reason for them - Beyard being replaced by Skarlet, the fake duplicate Lundgren, Karline, Bauker being replaced by whoever Rodrick is.

Most of it feels like it’s just replaced for the sake of replacing, without providing an actual reason to why there’s just a change. I’d say that normally, director’s cuts, while being completely about the version the one who directed wanted, it’s also about expanding through cutscenes and giving more thought on the characthers, not just a mass-boss swap up with zero context.

And while Fe7 rewrites are cool, it’s kind of also good to have them followed by a game behind them.

Additionally, crediting the supposed map makers and mug makers would be, y’know, interesting and needed, just as the cleric that sports Silque’s headpiece from Sacred Echoes, which as far as I know, ain’t a f2e/f2u piece yet.


you’ve changed so much of fe7, why not just make your own setting and story?


Literally spitting facts rn, could have not agreed even more.
Seems like every single one of these X game but better projects just become weird fanfictions that change Unneeded stuff for no reason Like Project Ember or wildflower.
It’s just not Fe7 anymore.

This looks so promising! I’m looking forward to trying this out. I really like how you potentially added more content. The fact that Eagler and Lundgren will get more screentime, thus making Lyn’s story feel a little bit more prominent/relevant in the overall game later on, is something I really appreciate. On top of that, I’m very curious to see how you’ll incorporate the new characters.
Thank you for sharing this.


You seem to be very creative and have lots of ideas concerning new characters, to the point it barely feels like fe7 anymore. I would encourage you to use all these characters you’ve created and put them into your own setting, as I think people would react better to it.

It may take a bit of brainstorming to get the worldbuilding and plot right, but I think your characters would turn out all the better with this direction!


so uh do you actually know how to hack?