Fire Emblem 65: The Bragi Blade 776 (Finished)

Daily Trivia: If you ignore Merlinus and combine Larum and Elphin into one unit, fe6 and fe5 have the same number of units. So, why not try using the fe5 cast in fe6? In this patch, each fe6 unit is replaced by fe5 units in recruitment order (Roy=Leif, Marcus=Finn, Alen=Osian, etc).

I tried to keep the game as close to fe6 rules, but some things were altered to make up for some of fe5’s oddities (Lightbrand is personal, rapier is C Rank, Nanna uses tomes instead of swords). Another issue was classes. I tried to mix the class sets of both games to make it work (Finn is a Lance Cav and can only use lances, Robert is a Bow Cav and can only use bows), but I know it won’t be perfect.

The file comes with two patches: One with the original normal and hard mode, and another with the hardmode bonuses on enemies slightly lowered. Personally, I found your cast has a lot of trouble against vanilla hard mode since the enemy quality is so much higher than fe5. I recommend using the patch labeled “Hard Mode”, but I’m not going to stop you.

I had to import some animations from for some classes, and I have included direct links to where you can find them in the download file. If you have any feedback or run into any issues, please let me know. Huge thank you to Profile - DarkPrinceRick - Fire Emblem Universe for providing me with a lot of feedback and helping me improve this by playtesting it.

Note 1: To anyone who had the cleric or speed capped Leif, that was from me last minute testing some doubling animations. I forgot to change it back which is my mistake. It should be fixed in this patch.


Any photos? I’m confused as to what this is.

Fe6 story unchanged?? only gameplay changes??

Huge thank you for doing this, your character swap patches are very fun to play.

I will upload some screenshots. It’s literally fe6, but the character’s classes, bases, growths, and starting inventories are fe5 units.
Edit: This is the only one I have, atm. The cast is the first few fe5 units: Lief, Finn, Osian, Halvan, etc.

Only gameplay changes. The story is unchanged.


Ran into some weird stuff. Lief is a cleric and Finn can’t use the iron sword in his inventory. I’m playing on hard mode with the hard mode patch.

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The Leif cleric thing is odd. The Finn without the iron sword is because he’s a Lance cav. He just starts with one in fe5
Edit: I remember now. I was testing some last minute animations before releasing it, and I forgot to change him back. That’s embarrassing. I will fix it straitaway. Thank you for the quick feedback.
I fixed that and updated the patch. Thank you again for your help.

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Arch Knight apparently has no sword animation.

So Leif uses the Light Brand animation when using the Iron Sword… and damage doesn’t actually display within the battle animation…

Made a meme about it if my explanation isn’t good enough lol: Leif Joins FE6 And DESTROYS Enemies By Looking At Them - YouTube


I love problems that never appear during testing. I will work on this straightaway. Thank you for trying it!

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Okay, I found the error. I fudged up naming one of my test patches that I was using for testing animations and stats, and mistook it for the final one. Embarrassing mistake on my part, but it will be fixed when I get home.
Edit: Just uploaded a new patch before leaving for work. Leif shouldn’t have capped speed or the ability to glare daggers, now.

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I’m gonna miss the capped speed lol

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I dont know how to ask this to someone, so I have to ask here. does anyone have a ups patch of this hack they would be willing to share?

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