Fire Emblem 6 - Verum Sui (Complete)

This Hack is not for the Weak!

First ever completed Hack! ^-^

Rebalance/ Difficulty Hack of FE6

First off, I think FE6 is a great game, and while the game has its flaws, I believe all it needs is mostly minor adjustments. This is an attempt at that. I know what you’re thinking, another balance patch, however, I understand that most Balance Patches tend to do a little too much where the game doesn’t feel like FE6 anymore, and just feels like something else entirely. I do my best not to stray too far and keep it as close as I can to FE6. Most of these balance changes are conservative and if not, are within good reason.

Another reason for this hack is to make it more challenging. A problem of FE6 is that it has a tough early game and then past Ch 7 (Minus a few Chapters like 11A & 14), the game ends up becoming a bit too easy. This hack addresses that, making the mid game tougher, and making late game on par with the Early game difficulty. Even the early game has changed a little to make it a bit more challenging as well.

Also, the thing about this is that I don’t use cheap ways to make it difficult, like utilizing ambush spawns or giving enemies inflated stats. No, in fact, this hack gets rid of ambush spawns almost entirely. This hack uses other various methods, like map design, puzzle like enemy placement, inclusion of more side objectives, earlier spawn rates of enemy reinforcements, and more that make it more challenging. IMO, this hack induces strategic play similar to Conquest, tough but reasonable, no bs.

Here’s a list of some key changes…

Weapon Triangle is +/- 15

+5 Hit to a good chunk of Lances & Axes

Removal of Ambush Spawns (All Player Phase except a few like Ch 21)

Removal of Hard Mode Bonuses for Recruitable Characters (Mainly to nerf characters like Rutger, Miledy, & Perceval because their simply too strong)

Buffs to most characters, mostly to balance out the cast a bit more

Buffs to certain classes like Archers & Knights

Thieves can promote into Assassins using a Hero Crest

Additional promotional items that can be acquired in the mid game.

Early Promotion for Roy (Ch 16/ 16x)

And more!

While some of these choices might be a bit too much, (removal of hard mode bonuses on recruitable enemies, weapon triangle enhancement, slightly better hit rates on axes), I believe doing these changes makes the game more interesting. If you’re interested, see below for all the detailed Changes.

General Changes/ Fixes

Reskin Portraits

Updated Tiles and Animations to match FE8

Hard Mode is Selectable from the beginning

Random or Fixed Growths Mode

Fixed Deployment Order from Ch 2-5

Removed Hard Mode Bonuses for Recruitable Characters

PATCHES V 1.01 - FE6 Verum Sui - Google Drive

Character Changes - FE6 Character Changes - Google Docs

Class Changes - FE6 Class Changes - Google Docs

Weapon Changes - FE6 - Weapon Changes - Google Docs

Difficulty Changes - FE6 Difficulty Changes - Google Docs

Chapter Changes (Item Drops/ Changes) - FE6 Chapter Changes (Items & Drops only) - Google Docs

Chapter Changes (Reinforcement Changes) - FE6 Chapter Changes (Reinforcements/ Thief additions only) - Google Docs

Screenshots -


7743 - FEBuilder
Portraits - FE6 Remake into FE8 (ZeN2002)
Various Map Tiles and Backgrounds/ Companions (Song) - Project Ember (Brunhilda)
FE4 Enemy Message 3 (Song) - SurfingKyogre
Roy Master Lord Animations - UltraFenix
Nomadic Trooper Repel Animations - Pikmin1211, Maiser6
Marissa Swordmaster Animations - Red Bean/ Marlon0024
Wyvern Lord Axe Animations - TheBlindArcher
Female Assassin Animations - FPZero, Moocavo, Riku
Assassin Portrait - Sword of Heaven & Earth
Fire Emblem Icon - Batima


Congrats on completing the project! Would you mind sharing how you changed Roy’s fixed promotion? Been working on an FE6 hack for my own use and that’s a big necessity. Any help would be genuinely appreciated :slight_smile:

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No Axes for Paladin! Nah I’m not playing it.

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Do you mean the chapter he promotes? If so, it’s under the end event of Ch 21/21x. Just simply copy/ paste the commands that force his promotion onto the chapter you want.

Then just make sure you delete those commands from 21/21x. Which reminds me, did I delete them? Shoot, gotta check when I get a chance.


You’re a legend mate, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

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Forgot to delete the Roy Promo commands at the end of Ch 21x. Updated the patch to Version 1.01 to address that.

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