Fire emblem 6 PmE but the units are created by my friend who doesn’t know anything about fire emblem

So I decided to do a PME where my friend chooses the units. It’s an interesting mess. Mostly because I’m an incompetent idiot but still.

Episode 1

Fire emblem 6 but my firend who doesn't know anything about Fire Emblem creates the units. Part 1 - YouTube

Overall, this one is bad. I tried to do a let’s play but I messed up the recording but I messed up resulting in a power point presentation. I tried but I’m not proud of it.

Episode 2

Sophia 2.0 and Hogward's knight Fire Emblem 6 PmE episode 2 - YouTube

This one is better. Still flawed but better.

On a side note, I need a list of punishment for game overs. Any ideas? (Within reason)