Fire emblem 6 no pre promotes run

A while back a started a let’s play on fire emblem the binding blade to see if you could beat it without any pre promotes… The start of this series has a lot of funny rage moments with goofy strategies and commentary.

I would appreciate it if you could give the series a shot! Any feed back on how to improve would be highly welcomed!


Before I joined this community I didn’t realize how much they liked and used prepromotes. I almost always avoided them and always leveled at 20 including priests. I didn’t realize how busted Seth was until over a decade later when people kept pointing it out and I actually saw it lol. But goodluck on your adventure.

Yeah when I first started playing fire emblem on the lower difficulty’s I thought pre promotes we’re bad because of their potential. But certainly after playing FE6 hard mode without Marcus I’ve learned how tough it is on higher difficulty’s.