Hello and welcome to Mina’s adventure!

What IS This?

This is a cringey fe6 fanfic being made in the form of a hack.

Why Did I Make This?

I wanted to make an fe6 hack, and wanted to do a side project, and thought this would be fun.


Good Archers
New Units
Occasional New Maps
New Items
Still mostly just FE6… mostly
No Clerine [For now] so Elen is good early : )



#Etruia, and Sacae arc added

#Text updated with minor content and spelling fixes

#Added many talk conversations

#Added the non-Roy unit death music to the sound room, for some reason it is absent in vanilla
[Roy just plays the game over music on death]

#Ogier and Astolfo back by popular demand!

#Affinity support bonuses have been changed to
match my other hack FE:BOG, documentation included.

#While no secret shops have been touched one has been added to Ch 18, it sells
all personal weapons obtainable at this point and the Ginnungagap early

#NO I will not change desert treasure just use the trick lol


#Battle preps from Ch 3 the battle preps for Ch 4 are a little wonky not
showing correct enemy data, this is due to aspects of the vanilla opening
event being somewhat hard coded and I don’t want to toch it lol,
player management still works perfectly, as such I feel this slight issue is ok
as a trade off for having preps on a hard map.
I recomend starting the map and resetting to check enemy data.

#Ch 4 now has rain [Don’t worry it’s only visual]
[Even if I wanted to the alt movement function doesn’t exist in FE6]

#Ch 13 has different player placement because I felt like it

#Fixed Ch14/14x end events

#Erik now holds an Energy Drop in Ch 4

#Nuked Oates speed so he can’t double with meteor


#Lilina joins 1 chapter earlier in Ch 5 as I originally intended,
Figuring out battle preps made this possible!

#Dorothy has lost 15% speed growth and 5% skill growth but gained 1 base speed and 7 base skill

#Oswin Buffed to match his FE7 15/1 averages
now he’s not just worse Bors when Rex Hasta breaks
Bors should still end up better if trained.

#Oswin’s Lance Rank is now C this way
an instant promo Bors, or a trained Wendy
will out pace Oswin’s poor Weapon ranks, but Oswin still
has the niche of C axes and not needing a knight crest

#Oswin’s spear has been replaced by an axereaver

#Guinivere has gained 3 base skill, 3 base luck and 10% skill growth

#Dusk now joins with a restore staff, her torch was made into an Illume,
hopefully makes Nabata more enjoyable

#Dusk has Thief skills


#Silver axes have 60 hit +5 hit from vanilla’s 55 hit
This should keep it’s lower hit but make it slightly more useable

#Brave axes have 65 hit +10 hit from vanilla’s 55 hit,
this brings it in line with the other braves +5 hit over silver.
For some reason in vanilla they have the same hit when every other
weapon type brave has +5 hit over silvers.

#Secret books and Goddess Icons now give +4 to skill/luck respectivly

#Fortify is now B rank

#Rescue now has 8 uses up from 3

#Restore is now E rank

#Sea Sword has 36 uses up from 30


#Thief class power is now 1 they should grow much faster now

#Masc Sage now has 26 max defense and 21 max CON to acomidate Hugh,
feel free to mega boost Lugh with all your Dracoshields and body rings…
if you wanna…

#Dancer/Bard class power is now 4 they should grow much slower now

#???/??? class power is now 5 they should grow much slower now

#??? now has Cavalier/Troubadour move cost instead of dancer movement cost

#Transporter has 12 movement because uh, it’s funny

#Transporter has movement cost of 1 for traversable terrain,
however mountains are now untraversable

#Fem Rouge is now “Master Thief” it is functionally the same
It just adds some more Flavour to Cath

#Masc Rouge loses access to Wo Dao to make Master Thief special


#Dusk now causes Game Over on death as intended

#Guinivere now causes Game Over on death and has death quote, as intended

#Fixed issue with cath’s Rouge class using her Theif palette


Mina's Advanture Treasure Map

The Secret shop of Ch 18, all other Secret Shops so far are Vanilla.

Knowen issues

Thria’s Heart Glitches out Mina’s animations, maybe some others, but should only be visual bugs.

In Ch14x on turn 10 movement glitches out due to tile changes, suspending and resuming the chapter fixes the issue.
I don’t know how to fix this properly, sorry!


More Women.
More WomenGood Archer

Old Faces From FE 6 And 7.
FunniFE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-13

New Maps, And Remixed Scenarios.
FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-18FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-17

Saul Bad??? Dorothy Good???
FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-3FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-21

Oooh Mysterious MMMystery Subplot Oooooh.
FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-2FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-14

Restored [Alleged] Beta Content! [Slightly Altered!]
FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-15FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-16

The Dead Live!
FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-9FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-19

Download, Info, and Credits

Mina's Adventure - Google Drive

Future Plans, Subject To Change
  • More Talk Convos
  • Etruia and Sacae, 20X will be fun
  • A secret character

The dead will rise up!

Oh also, Kent having Mani Katti is interesting.

This is patched in an untranslated FE6 rom, right?

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Oh yeah for future reference untranslated FE 6.

Howdy this update took longer than expected, Scope kinda blew up lol
the hack now goes up to the forblaze gaiden
I have done work for future content too lol
anyway I recommend starting over due to various changes to
characters and Items that will glitch the game if you don’t start over
I promise this will not happen again.


#Added death quotes for Serra and Orun

#Changed Lilina’s prf tome to Ragnarok [same stats and effects]

#Western Isles, and Nabata arc added

#Added Elements of Harmony

#Item IDs shuffled so a new save is recomended [you will lose Durandal
and the Gaiden, secret character, and good ending]

#Ogier and Astolfo removed Buh bye!

#Idunn portrait updated

#Rutger has transitioned good for her!

#Text updated with minor content and spelling fixes

#Added Memento Mori Beta Items

#Added many talk conversations

*Note Gaiden and character not currently in the game

Now I do have some decisions I’m not 100% sure on 1st


  • Add Only Hugh
  • Add Only Sigune
  • Add Both
  • Add Neither

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I want to keep Hugh because he’s funny, I want to keep the game semi-vanilla
in some ways and I could 100% do something fun with him, however I like Sigune
and I have decided to make Sacae the only route so I have less to write, and think
having her here instead would be fun, she would be the only pre-promoted falcoknight,
I could also just add both but I would have to do something different, I could also just
add neither which would make things easier.
currently the game has 5 pegasus knights and 3 anima mages [if you include Lilina’s lord class].


  • Add ONLY Ogier
  • Add ONLY Astolfo
  • Add Both
  • Add Neither

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Edit: I forgot to include a summary about what these units would be like sooooo.
Basically Ogier would be reworked into being fast and or res focused and Astolfo would just exist as a thief lol

That is all!


I have closed the polls it seems that everyone who would vote has, and the results are quite unanimous.
I’ve also added a treasure map for the desert in the OP.

Wow it’s been a while.
Anyway I’ve finally got everything up to Ch 20X in a state I’m happy enough with.
In fact I’ve already started on Ch 21, and a bonus map.
The next update containing everything up to 20X should be good to release by the end of the week.

Anyway the reason for bumping the thread I have a new poll.
Since FE6 can only have two classes that can pick up desert treasure, and thieves promote, I wanted to run a poll to see what would be preferred.
There are 6 options

Thief 4 Life! - will just keep things vanilla but since Astolfo is a prepromote you will have to skip out on promoting Chad or Cath before Ch 14, chad dislikes this and Cath is unbothered.

Sexism - will make it so Chad and Astolfo will always be able to pick up treasure but Cath will be much less useful in Ch 14.

Girls Rule - Makes Cath superior in Ch 14, and other chapters if I add more desert treasure as secrets items later.

Promoted Privilege - Makes it so you always have someone to pick up treasure, but if you let Astolfo or a promoted Chad die a hero crest will be required to get guaranteed desert treasure.

Oddball - Astolfo is always able to pick up desert treasure but Cath can only pick up desert treasure as a thief and won’t need to eat a hero crest if Astolfo and/or a promoted Chad die.

Miserable - Inverse of Oddball, Astolfo never gets desert treasure, Cath will need to eat a hero crest and Chad will need to be unpromoted, which means he’s walking around untrained or without promotion gains and stats.

  • Thief 4 Life! - [Only Thieves can pick up desert treasure, no Rouges]
  • Sexism - [Only Male Thief and Rouges can pick up desert treasure]
  • Girls Rule - [Only Female Thief and Rouge (so Cath) can pick up desert treasure]
  • Promoted Privilege - [Only Rouges can pick up desert treasure, no Thieves]
  • Oddball - [Female Thieves and male Rouges can pick up treasure, but male Thieves and female Rouge can not]
  • Miserable - [Male Thieves and female Rouges can pick up treasure, but female Thieves and male Rouge can not, do not pick this.]
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Keep in mind I might add more desert treasure as secrets items in other maps, but we’ll see.


Isn’t only female thieves being able to pick up desert items also sexism?

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You could make Thief a gender-neutral class so you only need one of both Thief and Rogue.

There’s a hooded Thief sprite and the Rogue is androgynous in appearance enough to make it work without gendered sprites.

I could do this, however I use Cath’s unique classes to make her class growths use her personal growths.

I set her to use class growth as she gains levels each chapter she appears she effectively auto levels, this unique function is something I’d like to not give up.

To further explain

Cath is vanilla in Ch6, so LV 5 no change
in Ch 8 she is LV 10 so she has 10 auto levels, and has a rapier
in Ch 12 she is LV 15, and has a poison sword
in Ch 16 she is promoted LV 5 Rouge, however the female Rouge has doubled growth, she has a light brand
in Ch 20 she is promoted LV 10 Rouge, has a Wo Dao
in Ch 22 she is promoted LV 15 Rouge, has Runesword
Cath also gets HMBs on top of this

If a gender neutral class used those generic growths Chad and Astolfo would not be affected as they join as player units, generic enemy thieves would be, making them outrageously strong, especially on hard mode.

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Could have duplicates of Cath for every map she appears in. You could adjust bases to be according to her level in those maps. 6 different unit slots would be required though and I don’t think FE6 has that many unless you cut down on generic enemies.

If not then that’s fine. Rogue only would give thieves a reason to promote at least. Especially if you add more treasure later on.

Whelp here we are V0.3 let’s go.
I think I cooked here.
FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-24
This is base Ch12 Cath BTW.

FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-23
Behold Elen the dragon slayer!

[120% magic growth will do that]

FE6 Mina's Adventure.emulator-22
I do not apologize for my writing, it’s really your fault for playing the game.

Anyway Changelog in OP.


Small update that only changes Zeiss’s ID, this was necessary for the next release, if you haven’t reached Ch 16 and/or recruited Zeiss I recommend using the new patch if you want to carry over save data, save data that hasn’t recruited Ziess should be entirely compatible, If you have already recruited Zeiss he will be replaced by someone else, sorry, at least he’s not required to get Ch 21x anymore. [Nor is Melady]