Fire Emblem 6 but everyone is a mediocre unit from another game

In advance, I’m sorry.

I saw a hack called “Fire Embad,” took that idea and said “hey, let’s do that, but slightly different,” and… actually, everything else is more or less self explanatory. All SCs are from the “standard” version, though a “rebalanced” version more revolutionary around the original game’s stats is also included.

also no I didn’t really care enough to change any dialogue, only unit descriptions, some of which may include minor swears. Happy gaming, and enjoy Volke’s tip.

Drive, featuring both .ups files and mug credits right here:

crit x 2
scrub squad
convoy hubert


If you’re wondering why any particular units are included, ask and I’ll do my best to justify it.

For example, while Gunter is good in Conquest, he is here because in Revelations he’s kinda doodoo, so the middleground is the mediocrity that this hack embodies. Other general reasons may include:

  • granting worth from investment, even if they suck at base, just not you Nino.
  • being separated from a mechanic that makes them useful, but still being viable without it, Micaiah.
  • being outclassed by others in their class, but still being worth using at all, Siegbert.
  • being on the low end of usefulness in a game where everyone is good, but not being active garbage, Virion.
  • spite towards them never actually being good for me, but being fine enough for others, Ilyana.
  • just generally lacking something very important for units in their game, but still being an actual unit compared to others like them, Hannibal.

This is so random​:rofl::rofl:

I love these type of hacks, thank you for making it!

“everyone is a mediocre unit from another game”
cool, let’s check this out
first thing I see is Balthus
… what

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his speed and accuracy are bad, plus bow bane makes it harder to get Hit+20

also he’s the most brigand-y axe unit in 3H since Raphael is a more dedicated Armor Knight and Caspar is just as much of a grappler as Balthus, but is also too bad to be considered anyway

Marty, the only other Brigand, is also too bad to be considered, and I didn’t want to bring in any nonplayable units, even if it was for the meme.