Fire emblem 6 assassin class

Hello fire emblem community, a whille ago i started modding fire emblem hacks. I thought why assassin’s dont exist on fire emblem 6 and i just added them in. The three thief’s of the game can now promote using a hero crest (i tried adding the fallen contract but failed). The assassin sprites are from fire emblem 7. I also added assassin’s as enemy’s on the end game chapters. The link to the patch is
note that you need a japanese rom ( dont worry the patch contains translation)

Known bugs: The assassin class replaces the female thief class so cath will look like a boy thief, also sometimes when the cursor is on the assassin it looks like the female thief. I hope yo enjoy my first small project

Does it have the skill of the assassin?, Silencer?

Sadly no so i gave them extra critical rate

Linking to roms is illegal. Please make a UPS patch of your project.

alright fixed, now you just need a japanese rom

I actually prefer Rogue than Assassin in Fe6 because they can’t steal and importantly, Silence/Lethality didn’t work with dragon/manakete iirc