Fire Emblem 5 Randomiser

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Completely new here, so hoping there’s no etiquette I’m somehow breaching by just showing up as an unknown person with a complete project or something.

It’s probably been forgotten, but last year I made a FE5 randomiser. It used a command-line interface, was incredibly cumbersome to use, and not being aware of this forum at the time or being able to make topics on SF, I only made a post on the FE subreddit.

More recently I’ve come back to it, adding a few extra options, some QOL updates, some bugfixes, and most importantly, I’ve added a proper GUI so it should actually be more-or-less as usable as randomisers for other games I’ve used.

It should be compatible with any regular Thracia 776 rom, but I’ve specifically tested it with a vanilla untranslated rom and Lil’ Manster 1.07. As for settings, I think it’s pretty comprehensive, so rather than trying to list everything, here’re some screenshots of the settings.

While I’ve tried to find and fix bugs, chances are there’ll be some bugs still because I can only test so much and there’s a stupidly vast number of combinations of settings possible, and there’s no way for me to find things like ‘ch23 venin tome event gives Alphand a weapon he can’t use’ without actually playing the game through. Again. I’m pretty sick of playing the game by now to be honest.
Find bugs, lemme know, I’ll try and fix them.

Download links:
Python: Dropbox - Thracia 776 Randomiser (py).zip - Simplify your life
Windows executable: Dropbox - Thracia 776 Randomiser (win).zip - Simplify your life

The Python version requires you to have Python 3 installed on your machine for it to run, but also doubles as the source code download.
The windows executable should work if you don’t have python installed, and was generated using PyInstaller 4.4, with the --onefile argument.


Update History:
Randomiser logic now guaranteed to give you a staff user by the start of chapter 8 (unless t1 class pool contains no staff-using classes)
​​​​​​​Updated tooltip of start with utility staves option.

Added option to start with a Restore staff and a Warp staff.
Remembered Thoron exists in the complimentary-normal-range-tome-for-rewarpers bit in the previous version
Fixed Marty starting with a Member Card even if items aren’t randomised and it’s available in ch18. (He’s supposed to start with it otherwise)
​​​​​​​Fixed unlocking prfs (making them all B rank) without randomising player unit classes resulting in e.g. Finn having no usable lances.

1.2.0 - Mostly aimed at addressing some more egregiously unfair enemy loadouts
Added option to forbid enemy status weapons on generic enemies until a specified chapter
Removed all status staves from ch5 & 6 Raydrik & Veld’s inventories
Recruitable enemies now respect the unused weapons/(unlocked) prfs in boss weapon pool setting for their initial equipment (defaulting to no if bosses aren’t randomised, disabling the setting)
Fixed enemies swapping a Meteor tome out for a non-siege tome due to the siege tome replacement setting swapping out for Bolganone if unused weapons enabled, even if not allowed into the relevant enemy weapon pool.
Fixed randomise all settings button being able to select a removed setting.
Fixed randomiser crash introduced last version when ch18’s dancers became a staff class.
Hard capped generic enemy status staves at 2 per chapter.
Non-poison status weapons rolled to generic enemies (Berserk Edge, Sleep Edge, Blizzard) have increasing odds of being replaced with a non-status weapon for each successive status weapon in that chapter.
Tweaked odds of dark mage types being forced to have a dark tome.
Fixed dark mage types forced to have a dark tome forgetting they also have a staff rank.
Generics who roll rewarp with a siege tome now get a complimentary 1-2 range tome.
Fixed bottom right enemy reinforcement in ch14 using the wrong character data (again).

Tooltip no longer claims Luck is capped at 30 at highest.
Fixed typos in tooltips.
Leif/Finn/Safy/Linoan’s fallback class (no valid class left in class pool after accounting for their restrictions) being Paladin rather than Cavalier.

Randomise enemies not by group option removed. It was the cause of too many problems.
Liszt’s squad in ch13 can no longer roll mages or magic swords/armourslayers/master swords/status swords/master axes/brave axes
Liszt himself is prevented from rolling certain high power classes.

These ch13 tweaks may still need further adjustment. Please let me know if it seems impossible to keep Glade alive and stop Tahra from being seized before the rest of the army can get there.

Status weapons can no longer appear at all in chapter 3, as inflicted status aren’t cleared on the units that leave your party.

Crusader scrolls can no longer be assigned to both Olwen visits and Not-Olwen visits the ch12 village if they’re all supposed to appear once each.

Fixed randomising generic enemies but not by group causing them to not respect whether they should be a promoted unit or not.

Fixed randomising generic enemies not by group causing ch5 pitfighter reinforcements, Mareeta, Galzus to all appear on enemy phase 1.(13/08/2021)
Randomised prf locks can no longer give Eyvel Kia prf.
Fixed randomiser crash trying to update item descriptions of prfs to reflect randomised locks when nobody got assigned that prf due to no-one using that weapon type.

Minor Update (

Added message window to clarify that Randomise All Settings button isn’t expected to result in playable settings without manual tweaking.
Randomise all settings button now generates zero leadership/movement star weightings for above 5 stars.
ASM extension to cap Miracle activation at 90% is applied if main stat cap is set above 20 at all (from 30), due to weapons with +10 Luck making that relevant with lower caps.
Clarified and added some tooltips.


Yooo, how did I miss this?! Somehow it slipped right under my radar for two weeks!

Dude, this is awesome. I am like the guy who started making randomizers popular, so every new one is a great thing!

It seems like you have a lot of options, too. I’ll give some detailed feedback when I have time to play :eyes:

Same for me, I completely missed this post before. This is amazing! I’m very happy that the best Fire Emblem can be enjoyed even more broken. Will hopefully be able to do a run soon. Thanks for the effort spent on this.

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oh wow :o never knew there was Thracia Rnadomizer on here. I’m down to give a try.

Thanks for the positive words! I pretty much just made this to the designs in my head with very little input from other people, so I’d be glad to take in any sort of feedback, be it bug reports, opinions or anything else (but hopefully not too much of the former).