Fire Emblem 1 Hacking Interest

Howdy, y’all! I’ve been very busy, but I can’t contain my urge to work with Fire Emblem 1 at the same time. So, in the interest of where I want to take my projects, I thought I’d get some feedback on what people might want to do with FE1. You know, the old NES one.

Edit - Added clarification:
In addition to whether you care about FE1 hacking in general or not, I also want to know the preference on hardware limitations. For the latter two choices, the ROM can be expanded, which renders any restrictions on what text, code, graphics, and all other you can fit into the game completely irrelevant. However, expanded ROMs will be playable on everything except the original Famicom cartridge (should work on emulators, flash carts, Everdrives, the like).

Please select which of the following options best reflects your thoughts on FE1 hacking:

  • I wouldn’t play anything in FE1. It kinda sucks.
  • I don’t care about FE1 one way or the other. It just exists.
  • I’d like to mod FE1, but I want to make sure it works on a real NES cart.
  • Screw cartridge/size restrictions. I just wanna make amazing stuff in the FE1 engine!

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If you respond, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


FE1 is surprisingly playable for how old it is TBH.


Don’t get me wrong. I really like retro games, but the most important thing to me it’s the visual aspect and NES has a lot of limitations. But I really love the super famicom ones.