FEXP Battle Preparations Help!

Good morning/afternoon/night who is/are reading this post.

I’m finishing my own FEXP project, most of the project has been done but I don’t know how I can make functional the Battle Preparations screen.

I’ve seen it on the Scripts; it has been written on “Window_FE_Setup”, and there’re more lines in other Scripts but that’s the problem; I have no idea if it’s completed or not.

My question is: Does anyone have that part or his/her project that uses it? How did you use it?

I can’t wait more time to FEXNA, that’s why I was using FEXP (Yeti’s version, 1.0.1)

Edit: Only I need the part of Battle Preparations (the code for the script or an explanation of how to make it functional)

With my old FEXP Project(Before I decided to go do Romhacking), I was using a “Dev pack” which had a working script for the Battle Prep.

Since FEXP was leaked before it was finished, you would probably have to add it in on your own, which in my opinion, wouldn’t be worth the effort. FE GBA already has it by default, barely anyone, if at all, uses FEXP anymore.

No problem at writing on my own, since my project only needs that.
PD: or is there any way to get that dev pack (I don’t know if is Super FEXP by Klokinator or FEXP Master) and paste only that script? ty anyways

I’m not sure. The guy I got it(His Username was Lord Wolfram) from seems to have vanished from Discord, and hasn’t been on Serenes(another forum) in a while.

I would send it, but Idk he would have wanted the people who have to distribute it.(I had to pay it to get it)

It’s not related to Super FEXP or FEXP Master as far as I remember.

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Whoever you are, thank you so much for the help!!! I hope that “Lord Wolfram” would accept

No Problem. I take great pride in helping people out.

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I asked Lord Wolfram in the past and he said it would be okay to distribute it. If you have it go ahead and post it.

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Thank you so much to you too, Klokinator. I hope that someone has it!

I’ll see about getting it to you later when I’m not busy.

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