FEUniverse on Patreon

In the interest of transparency, I will be keeping a public record of the donations. We currently have enough money pledged to cover the site’s expenses ($10 per month, $120 total a year, plus annual $8 domain renewal fees).

May 2017: $14
June 2017: $14
July 2017: $14
Total contributions: $42

One idea for this patreon account is to create a “slush fund” for Fire Emblem Universe. Any surplus of funds would be invested in our community. I’ve discussed this concept on our discord channel. The more support we have, the more liberty we would have to do cool shit. Some of the ideas that has surfaced are:

  • Using the surplus to fund actual prizes for contests
  • Using the surplus to fund open source assets like sprites, animations, and assembly hacks
  • Donating the funds back to FEUniverse members who develop open source content
  • Donating to the people who assist with putting together FEU Direct

Although the site fees are already covered thanks to the generous backing of the few people who have pledged their support, I genuinely believe that we could do a lot of good with surplus funds. If every person on our FEU discord server committed a meager $1 per month, we would have over $200 a month to invest back into our community. If our pledges were to reach a substantial dollar amount, I believe that the formation of an appropriations committee would be the sensible thing to do.

If you have any ideas on how we could use patreon funding to improve our community, I’m all ears!


Other thing for surplus funds: Getting better storage to hose doc.feu.us on, so we have a more-functional backend for hosting our hacks etc


Didn’t know this was a thing.

Necroposting for maximum visibility (wouldn’t be the first time I necroposted, and it won’t be the last).

Made a Patreon account for this. $5.00 USD coming your way January 1st, and each month thereafter, so long as I’m around. Happy to help.

Looks like we’re up to $22.00/month. Whatever will be done with the $12.00 surplus?

Chair Lord Role When

Booze and hookers


I don’t wanna know what kind of booze and/or hookers you can get for $12.00, but hey man, I don’t judge. More power to you.


OK folks, we’ve got $193.47 in the FEU Slush Fund.

Does anyone have suggestions on how we should spend it? This money is meant to support our community, so I figured we should open the floor to the community and see how you all want to see this money utilized.

We recently upgraded the server, so it costs $15 now. The last payment I received was $15.43, so we’re basically breaking even.


pay to unlock the ability to upload ups patches to feu directly


Use it as a down payment for the community Ferrari.

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  • Poker tournament, winner takes all.

  • Server updoots? Maybe get like a list of possible features n stuff and have everyone vote. We have the technology.

  • Discord Nitro give aways? Lottery style.

  • Funding Chair and Arch’s collaborative rap album titled ‘Hack Attack: Old Folks Strike Back

  • Contest like Ragefest but for fun maps? Then we put it to a vote RF style and everyone has a good time. I scored a Blue Yeti mic, I’m down.

fwiw, paying for site features means one of two things:

  • paying someone to implement a thing that doesn’t yet exist (these are rare)
  • paying me to integrate an existing discourse feature with our installation

in 9.5 times out of 10, the bottleneck is because i (me, personally) do not have time to install things and make sure they work.

of course, if you want to pay me for my time, i won’t complain

Can’t we just pay you for sexy time pics and call it fair?

wait cam is underage oh shi- :police_car:

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Why not commission some new GBAFE animations and release them to the public domain?


That’s a cool idea. Maybe have a vote or something for what to make.

We don’t need a vote. It’s obvious that the first choice is Mage Fighter.


Yeah, getting animators to do gbafe animations for public domain actual sounds like a nice idea.
Although it would prolly make some people mad like most things can.

Did I miss a joke? Why is that the “obvious” choice?

long-running joke in the community

Axe pegasus knight (how has no one made this already)

Cause Pegasus riders are super small a lot of the time lel (Normaly having 4 5 or 7 con)
They would be really bad axe units.

I’m going to need a Grandmaster with Lances/Magic animation for FE4XNA anyways so yeah let’s do that.