FEUniverse Diversity Poll!

I only speak English - but I’d love to develop my knowledge of other languages. I can speak the bare minimum of French needed to order a pain au chocolat.

The issue is, learning another language requires complete immersion if the learning is to be effective.

I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more posts in other languages and it would give me a reason to look into the language being spoken a little more. Having to work across language barriers is a great way to develop your skills in another language in an immersive way. We’re not doing international business valued at a couple of billions of dollars - so it’s not like it’ll do any harm. Sure, there’ll be mistranslations and miscommunication - but that occurs in English anyway.

Just my deux cents.


Yea, i can see your point here, i miself learned more english on my own than in the high-school, making a effort to try to understand a language is something amazing, but it requires a lot of effort, and we have the luck to have the bases (schools), but as we said, keeping it up means lots of work, and not everybody have the time or the desire to invest, so we lose potential members.

your best option for that is to have someone who speaks both languages create one

I am a native English speaker and I have just one question.

How the HECC do you speak English???

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I think you need to make a multiple-choice question on users’ acceptable language instead of a single-choice question on users’ native language for your purpose. And translation doesn’t help to build a community. It is more suitable for wiki like this.


Wait where can I find these JP hacking communities? That auto-translation thing sounds so cool!

I’ve tried, but none of the spanish speakers that I’ve met knew well how eventing works

Yea, thats another thing, if you want someone who speaks your language to help you, you actually have to search for them, anyways, i think just making a post here should make them come out.

True… I should keep trying…

Welp, the poll has finished.

Poll numbers

Thanks to all the 123 users who helped here, i really apretiate your participation.

Now going to the point, as i thought english is the dominant languaje here, but BY FAR, followed by Spanish and French.

Also we must think this poll isnt the most acurated one, 123 votes is like, 1% of all the people who comes here, but it should help to have an idea about how things are.

Now as we debated here, some people thinks making sub-languajes categorys could be a good idea, and i like it, but others are afraid this decision could divide the comunity, also, when you post here in you languaje, probably someone who knews that languaje is going to help you.
And, as some others mentioned, translators are almost always a good option.

Now, it is worth it making changes here? Welp, seeing only 26% here have other languajes preferences, its probably not worth.

Things are actually well here in my opinion, still some newbies will have problems trying to work in english.
So my final thoughts are we should make tutorials to help the languajes who doesnt count with them, and maybe making little discord servers (in spanish and french, who are the ones with higger numbers) or something like that.

Welp, i think thats all, thank you.

How can i Change the topic Name?

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