FEUniverse Diversity Poll!

Eya Welcome to this post.

I decide to make this post to solve one doubt i had a long time ago: whats your main language?

So, why am i asking this??
Firstly, i think there is a lot of diversity here in this universe, and its a shame that it only supports english, and a little bit more.

This is a fact, in a lot of languajes it’s very hard or practically imposible to find a good Hacking comunity like this one, which means we are losing a lot of potential members and people interested in this kind of things, but they dont know how to do it.
Anyways, this should be talked with the stuff if we want to do a big change (which i see hard at least)

So I made a little poll so you can answer this cuestion, if its worth to do something, if there is enought people who would like to see a change in this theme. Your vote will be anonymous.

short explanation but in spanish / breve explicación en español

Bueno, por resumir brevemente lo que he escrito anteriormente, me gustaría saber cuantas personas en esta comunidad hablan en varios idiomas, ya que me parece una lastima que sea tan complicado encontrar buenas comunidades de hacking (FE) en otros idiomas.

Por eso he creado una votación, para ver si hay alguna comunidad por la que merezca la pena hacer algún esfuerzo, ya que así le será mas fácil para ciertas personas empezar ha crear sus propios hacks.

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

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I will update the post when the poll finish
Also, i would love to hear all the comunity opinion.
So, thanks for reading and participating.


By main language, do you mean mother tongue/ first language? If so, I can’t vote since there is no option for it, nor is there “Other” option.

i principally mean, the languaje you feel more familiar with in this list, anyways, thats a good idea, how can i add something like (write other option) in the poll?

I don’t mean to discredit the goal of this post, but English is the most widely spoken language in very different contexts in the world, so no wonder most communities or websites only supports English.

My recommendation is to differentiate based on continents, instead of your first language because it’s not incredibly specific. mine’s not there either im sad

Sadly, polls can only be edited in 5 minutes after being public. After that, it can’t be edited at all. (edit: tried something on the splice competition polls and this info should be correct)


yeah, i have no doubt english is going to be practically the first one here.

But even in a continent, a lot of languaje variety should be noticed. I think, english is the most spoken languaje in the world, but the second and third most spoken languajes should be considered, to have them in mind.
Cause making translation about hacks/tutorials/etc… is going to be a LOT of work. So i doubt we can do something with All the languajes.

Yea, i noticed xD
If a mod could add other on the poll that would be amazing.

tbh i’m surprised there’s not a part of the community translating hack roms, there are a lot of master pieces that most people in the spanish community can’t enjoy because of the language. And about italian FE community, idk if it even exist, i’ve never seen an italian talking about FE

Spanish version:
Para ser honesto me soprende que no haya una parte de la comunidad que se dedique a traducir hack roms, hay un monton de obras maestras que mucha gente en la comunidad española no puede disfrutar por el idioma. Y sobre la comunidad de FE italiana, no se siquiera si existe, nunca he visto a un italiano hablando sobre FE


I’m Italian, and also Alfred Kamon, creator of Midnight Sun (even if it is no longer a gba romhack)


I think it’d be nice to have a forum category for non-english speakers and to have a pinned thread linking to an automated translation tool. I know Chrome can offer to translate pages for you automatically, or I’m sure there are plugins which may be useful too.

I’m not sure about automated translation on mobile, but maybe someone else knows more. This way English speakers and non English speakers could interact with each other, even if it’s through translation tools that make for broken sounding sentences.

Best of luck with this sort of initiative :slight_smile:


Yeah, i like a lot the idea of having other languajes sub-categorys here in the forum, or even just sub-forums.

Also translator are always a decent option, but not definitive ones.
In terms of translating hacks, not the best ones, some expresions could had different meanings, or dont feel natural at all, so someone should be looking over it.

i had no idea about that, that’s really cool

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Spanish speakers rise up!

You’d be surprised how many native spanish speakers there are around tbh, english is the defacto language because it’s the most widely used around the world but spanish has the most native speakers, or 2nd only behind Mandarin idr.

(Also maybe there you should be able to pick several options since some people are bilingual or trilingual from a very early age, but idk if that is an option you can even enable)


Hi @Markex133 , I say this honestly, and it will also make strange this saying from a person who does not speak English well at all, but I think that dividing the forum into sub-categories divided by language would only create imbalances and would lead to a further division of the community

instead paradoxically the idea of also adding a simple link to an online translator, which is done a little better than google translate would be a better idea, for the translations of projects in different languages I see it very difficult, because from my point of view the original creator of the project should somehow view the translation as well

Taking a personal example, translating my project into Italian would be easy for me, but doing it in Spanish would have to ask for help from another person, and not knowing Spanish I would have to blindly trust this person, now not that I don’t want to trust a hypothetical translator, but the fact that not everyone sees things in the same way and there is a risk that the original goal will not be reached

I hope I was able to explain and I wish you good luck with this initiative


Yeah, i have been here a little bit, and this was obvious for me.

Also, srry, i know i messed up a little bit with the poll xD

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That’s quite true, we’re a lot…

Yeah, i can see what you mean, a big change always comes with risks and consequences (positives and negatives), i dont want to see a divided comunity, but then, how are going the new non-english talking people going to learn how to make a hack, it will be a LOT more hard than for us, at least i think so.

And welp, obviosly translators like google arent 100% perfect, if you dont know the other language.
This also count for other translators (humans)

At least you should have the point of view from more people, to verify if the content is faithful to the original one.

I voted Spanish, because that’s my native language; but really, I speak English just as well. I feel like a lot of people who aren’t native to English-speaking countries learn, not even to speak, but just to read, write, and understand English, just because it’s sort of the ‘‘main language’’ of the internet. Mainly because a lot of news outlets, famous people, videogames, and widely visited websites are primarily in English.

Obviously, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be inclusive to people who don’t speak English at all; and I think this poll’s results will help expand our comunity even further. But it’s just something that I wanted to point out


Hello from Belgium!

I’ve chosen French because that’s my first language ; though English is just as fine because I studied many languages in my life (though forgetting most of them xD)

It’s not that bad, English is so useful in every countries ; but I can understand that it can be quite difficult for those who can’t speak it.

Anyway, the Death Note has only English as well so… :stuck_out_tongue:

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English is the only one I’m fluent in. That said, in many of the JP hacking communities, you’re encouraged to post in the language you’re most comfortable with if you don’t speak Japanese, so machine translation (Google or, increasingly, DeepL) is used extensively. Posting in the original language is encouraged because the machine translation isn’t 100% accurate, and native speakers can typically use the original post to piece together any gaps in the machine translation. (e.g. translating English into Japanese by machine notoriously results in really awkward grammar, so having the English post to cross-reference with the machine output helps maximize accuracy)

And, chances are, if you post a message in a non-English language here, someone else who’s fluent in it can help you directly, or machine translation can be used to facilitate. As has been mentioned, we have a pretty large group of users fluent in Spanish, as well as in other languages not listed here. So I hope this helps encourage those who are looking for hacking help but aren’t confident writing in English to post anyway.


Weird. I see a bunch of languages listed, but not Dellhonne. That’s my favorite English-offshoot.

now here we have men :>


I want this to came to something so I could finally have FEBuilder Eventing tutorials in spanish