FEU Weekly Blitz

Hey there, I’m Zmr and a number of you probably already know me or my work from a variety of community projects such as Void’s Blitzarre Adventure, Resonance, the Staff of Ages Blitz, GFE1R and /r/FE GBA (the latter two of which are still in progress). Since the rom hacking community has been slightly slow as of late I thought to just do something neat and fun for 2 weeks and decided to come up with this blitz style project for everyone to get involved in.
Essentially this blitz is, instead of being over 1 week, is done over 2 weeks. Each week will be its own part from which users can claim a maximum of 2 chapters for. This is so we can make sure the hack is done quickly without making people overextend themselves. It also means people won’t need to devote much time within the week for this project, since many of you probably have exams or whatever if you’re a smol one.
We don’t need to take the plot of this hack too seriously, just have fun with it. It will be set in the same world as Resonance/VBA being a year after Morps’ adventure because I just need a lazy excuse to reuse assets. This is a blitz after all.
Real work on the hack won’t begin until the 19th since today will just be an opportunity to get people willing to work on the hack first, organise the buildfile and contribute to the sheet everyone can edit. Also the sheet is just a blatant copy of /r/FE GBA’s but hey, it’s got conditional formatting.
I’ll update this post as time goes along with the sheet, github and screenshots.
Also a final heads up, I’m considering changing the weapon triangle to Sword/Light -> Axe/Dark -> Lance/Anima etc, for this hack just to spice things up a bit.
Primary place of discussion shall simply be the FEU’s Discord’s #Blitz channel.

Part 1: 19th - 26th April
Part 2: 29th April -8th May (Deadline extended due to more free time for myself)
Feel free to do any work on part 2 before it starts if you want, but only when I can verify your part 1 chapter(s) are/is complete.

Link to the sheet:

Link to the rep:


I can help with story i guess but buildfiles so aaa

good luck with this Zmr

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Part 1 has (largely) ended so work on Part 2 can now begin for real! Obviously I’ll be polishing part 1 as I go along since I don’t have a whole lot to do for part 2. Expect screenshots soon. Posting here mostly to remind you all that work is going at a healthy pace.