FEU Mapping Competition Round 3: Here you like Maps :):):) [Maps due june 2nd]

Rules/How It Works:

  1. Send your maps to me PM/Discord. Don’t post them in the thread. I’ll post them here, and after the allotted time has passed, I’ll put up the poll.
  2. Palette edits and small tileset edits are allowed.
  3. Do not take credit for someone else’s work.
  4. Do not use the Generation function of the FE Map Creator.
  5. You must cast your vote once the poll is up.
  6. The first place winner decides on the theme for the next round of the competition.
  7. Anyone who wins 3 times in a row is not allowed to choose the theme if they should win the 4th consecutive round.
  8. Maps submitted are open source.

Maps are due May 26th, 11:59 PM PST.

Current Theme:
Make a coastal town.

Previous Winners:
Round 1: AuraWolf
Round 2: Zane

Personal note: Sorry it took so long to get this up. My uncle died around the close date, and we found out my cousin has cancer, not to mention AP testing eating up a bunch of my time. Really sorry it took so long :<


Idk if this was stated somewhere earlier, but probably should add “user cannot re-use a public map they’ve already created”
mainly because I was about to :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit thats a good point
Will add in next round
only 2 submissions so extending a week (due june 2)

open for one week (so till jne 11)

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3

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Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


I’ve won this round with option 1, here’s the next round! FEU Mapping Competition Round 4: I have permission. (Granted maps are due july 3rd)