FEU General Graphics Blitz

Hey FEU, it’s P33RL355, announcing the Feuniverse Collaborative General Graphics Blitz.
GOAL: Make as many graphics as possible in 2 weeks. I will accept anything except portraits and animations. (SOON)
This means you can submit item icons, skill icons, menu icons, battle frames, stat screens, title screens, difficulty select graphics, map sprites etc. You can submit here or send them directly to me. Deadline is 19th February. GO!!!


Can’t wait for the difficulty select screen options graphics

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That’s exactly why I included it.

I have a battle frame that I “completed” back during the summer, but I have no idea if it’s actually insertable or not. I know that there was that “expansion” that increased the number of tiles available, but I know a previous version of the frame from years and years ago was too complex and ended up being too many tiles.

Should I post it and someone can try to see if it can be inserted? As I’m still trying to get around to doing that new stat screen from the blitz that just ended (got sick and ran out of time), I don’t know if I’d be able to make modifications to the battle frame to try to make it useable or not if it ends up using too many tiles.

Go ahead.

Palette box at the top has the color splits for the four factions on the left and the shared colors on the right, including the background color. (Didn’t even use all the available color slots…)

Pretty sure that it fits the FE8 frame rip that Ryru provided years ago that extends past the viewable 240x160 to allow for screen shakes - I think I had that as a layer underneath my pixeling layer when I was making it originally, but I only have the merged PNG stored up on my Dropbox so no way to check ATM.

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Slightly old but here are my hatless mage sprites.
As a request for other people, lets see map sprites for the FEDS Armor Knight.


So I decided to make options icons and more map graphics. This is basically a big theorycrafting thing, I highly doubt the GBA could stay stable running all of this.

The list of stuff here.

  • Exclamation point: warning toggle. Show warnings for bonus damage, crit rates, or more.
  • Heart: support toggle. Display who has what rank supports.
  • Red box: all range toggle.
  • Arrow over orange: skip enemy phase. Skip EP movement, the whole thing, or nothing.
  • Colored boxes: what units the unit list will show, or maybe what palette each army uses.
  • Red guy with arrow: Post/Same turn reinforcements.

  • Theoretical blind status display.
  • Display for the current support rank.
  • Display for when you deal effective damage.
  • Display for charges on charge skills, or some other sort of time limit.
  • A notification for dropped items.