FEU Changes

As many of you may know, last night several members of our discord were involved in a raid on another forum, makde insensitive comments to its members, and culminated in a person (group?) unrelated to FEUniverse posting disturbing and graphic images to the other forum’s discord chat.

This behavior is not tolerated as members of our community, and we’ll be taking steps to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

So - here’s what’s going to happen:

Arch has decided to step down entirely as forum administrator and community leader. In his place, Crazycolorz and I will be doing our best to move this community forward together.

For now, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to devote to actually removing Arch’s admin status on the forum software, but he has given me his word that he’ll be well-behaved. However, Arch is still a well-known name in the larger fan project community, and we will continue to be working with him as a content creator.

Neither of us expect filling Arch’s shoes to be an easy task. Logistically, Colorz will be the primary administrator of the community discord chat and I’ll be taking charge of the forum’s day-to-day operation. Whatever it may look like, though, we’re going to be taking equal share in this community - please, come talk to both of us! I invite anyone who has an issue with either of us to come work things out (with both of us).

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for cool new things on the horizon!


To the members of FEU:

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely apologize to you for letting you down. Under my leadership, I have allowed our mission to be undermined through the course of my own conduct. Our mission is simple: the advancement of our collective knowledge. The simple idea that our own individual work can contribute to a collective prosperity. That mission comes first and foremost, at the expense of anything else. It was never about any one individual, or any one person’s vision. That is why, at this point in time, I felt compelled to resign my position as an administrator and de facto leader of Fire Emblem Universe.

Last night, I was personally involved in the “forum raid” of Fire Emblem Shrine. As a leader in this community, I must take accountability for the events that transpired under my watch. There is no point in denying it, nor any point in scapegoating others. What started as a drunken laugh quickly spiraled out of our control. It was an unfortunate incident that became utterly reprehensible. Through the course of our stupidity, a crew of unaffiliated bad actors was inspired to join in. These individuals have attacked numerous community discord servers, but were led to FEShrine’s as a direct result of our own behavior. There is no excuse. There is nothing to hide behind. And for all of the people who have taken responsibility for this event, I am at the forefront of the demand for accountability.

I love FEU, and I want nothing more than for our community to stay strong during these difficult times. This is a great community full of creative and insanely talented individuals, and I have no doubt in my mind that CT075 and CrazyColorz will do a fantastic job moving forward. Perhaps someday I will be able to return to a leadership role, but presently I cannot trust myself to capably carry out those duties–it would be the height of arrogance to ask people to put their trust in me when I cannot do so myself.

Thank you to all of the people who have put their faith in me and have contributed our collective mission–you are the reason that this venture was so worthwhile.

My hope is that, moving forward, the members of FEU will be able to focus on what’s truly important: making the best damn ROM hacks out there, assisting newcomers in learning these skills, and continuing to build upon the institutional knowledge that we have amassed. This incident has undoubtedly had a negative impact our community’s reputation. The way forward is to continue as we have done, to continue breaking ground and advaning the state of FE ROM hacking. Keep up the good work, everybody!




Well this was a whole lot of drama. New leadership, new times. Let’s hope these are good times.

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Well spoken my friend, I apologize again for my part in the “forum raid” last night, there’s no excuse for the shit I pulled and I should’ve known better. I could call it a senseless mistake, but if it was that, only I would’ve been harmed. That is clearly not the case, and as such I once again offer my sincerest apologies for the vents that transpired last night.