FEU Anniversary Badges

Hey y’all,

Just wanted to make a brief announcement now that I’ve gotten around to doing something cool for FEU’s anniversary. We’re giving out some special badges to members who’ve been a major part of our community during this inaugural year.

Our Savior: Awarded to the top poster, it’s @Crazycolorz5 by a mile.
Beloved Wizard: Awarded to the user with the most received likes, @Crazycolorz5
Giving Heart: Awarded to the user with the most likes given, @Klokinator.
Supreme Reader: Awarded to the user with the highest read time, @L95.
Mr. Mayor: Awarded to the user with the most visits, @Primefusion.
Academic Ace: Awarded to the user with the most topics started, @Crazycolorz5.
Handyman: Awarded to the user with the most time spent on forum maintenance, @CT075.
Inquisitor: Awarded to the user who started the most question topics, @ghast.
The Altruist: Awarded to the author of the most viewed resource topic, @venno.
Ambassador: Awarded to the most active member from a non-English community, @MisakaMikoto.


It’s not just heart I give. HMU if you want to know more. 1-800-555-SEXY.

I-is Crazy-kun really the most badged? REALLY? blushes
Will this be an annual thing or anything? Or will you do something else next year (assuming FEU doesn’t die before then - fingers crossed!)

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inb4 this post gets flagged

He is the chosen one.

Also, don’t even speak such words! Long live the universe!

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Congratulations to all the Badge-Earners!

fuck yeah biggest noob on the site

I like reading yes I do


I got a badge for clicking my bookmark.


Let’s appreciation!!

Crazy, you worked with flying colorz to change the very face of the modding scene overnight
(we really like you, and this is Crazy, but)
Klok bolsters our bloks instead of kleaning our kloks (klonk)
L95 gets the cred for making sure nothing goes unread
Prime is a prime choice in the mayoral elections, beating out prime rib and primetime
Crazy broke so many barriers that he got in the list three times. That’s so crazy it’s amazy (and I ain’t talking about chicken and gravy)
CT puts forum tech to the test and makes it the best
Ghast makes us less embarrassed to ask for a task when we’re aghast at our disasters
Venno is so benno (benevolent) that his resources make winnoes (winners) out of minnows
and Misaka improved our unity by making us more aware of other communities!

#I apologise for nothing


If the questions category were full of dumb questions, I wouldn’t have given an award for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Like really, answered question topics are pretty valuable.

You clicked it more times than anyone else (including me), lol.

When you outvisit the admin, it’s worth a badge.

my favorite part of getting this glorious award is the fact that this thread happens to showcase how much the software is falling apart very well


Still better than IPB.

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Handyman: Awarded to the only user with time spent on forum maintenance, @CT075.