FETuber Hot Takes (what’s your biggest fire emblem hot take)

Today we got a very special Colab Video! Today we got FETuber Hot takes featuring a ton of my friends!

What are your biggest Fire Emblem Hot Takes?

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dsfe is bad and ugly and doesnt have ike so its bad and gay and bad, wheres ike wheres soren this game is hard i want ike f*** dsfe too faithful to originals since no ike and its ugly and bad makes me hard

f*** you dsfe you ruined fe and my life and f*** you for not having ike and soren and f*** you for being gay and f*** you for death gaidens f*** dsfe too ugly for my eyes

f*** death gaidens I have no choice but to play them because I have to 100% complete every chapter and have every character and always have green stats

DSFE ruined the series because it introduced casual mode to the series and just the mere option offends me cause it’s calling me bad at FE by just existing and I’m not bad at FE I swear I’m super good


Don’t know if this is a hot take but in my opinion

Sacred Stones and Three houses are the best games in the series for differing reasons

Sacred Stones has some of my favorite characters and dialogue and personally I don’t mind its difficulty, its nice to just relax with

Three houses is probably the most fun I have had playing a fire emblem game cause of how much stuff you can do to customize units, I don’t even mind the sections where you run around the monastery like most people seem to


I love three houses but every new play through it takes so long to get to the part where you get the player freedom. And I love the monetary as a person fan but it gets tedious doing the same thing over and over where as persona 5 it feels like I have a lot more to do and think about. With al thag being said three houses is still an amazing game it’s just some of the rougher segments drag on quite a bit in my opinion.

Here’s a Hot Take.
The Last Promise is a masterpiece and Kain is Kelik’s girlfriend.


Three Houses plot is actually very poorly written and makes little sense with the academy being the biggest issue.


There was another thread which was the same question like two months ago, might wanna just look for that instead of getting another big one going

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Roy having a late promotion and being weaker than many units in his army reinforces the Idea that he is a Commander first, warrior second, having to protect him from enemies is an interesting and fun contrast to throwing your lord at hordes of enemies.

Armor Knights are useful and fun to use

Archers are useful and fun to use

Anima Mages are overrated

Brom is a Personification of the RNG gods of Tellius, treat him well and your RNG will be good. Similiarly as to how people talk to plants or play music to them to increase their growth.

Ironman is the way FE was intended to be played. Resetting everytime some guy dies is not only more boring but also shits on the games strategical elements. Imagine resetting a chess match everytime you lose someone. You should be able to get through a normal mode soft ironman even if you aren’t the best at the game.

not this again :sweat_smile:

an overly long rebuttal that specifically explains why Roy is a bad lord, the ultimate "poor choice of words"

just because this concept works on paper doesn’t mean it works, especially in fe6 where ambush spawns are apparent

if you want a unit to be defended then at least don’t give the player all the incentive to move their protected unit forward by making them the only unit that can seize in a game with frequent ambush spawns and a game where every chapter is a seize map.

Roy is an active liability, no matter if you cap his level or not he will be one rounded by most enemies he faces which forces you to keep roy safe, this makes maps inherently slower because you can’t leave roy out in the open or keep him far from the throne unless you want to spend 15+ turns moving him to the throne when there could be ambush spawns any minute, you either have to turtle, look up every ambush spawn, or keep roy away from the throne in order to ensure roy’s safety which is a horrible way to limit player options. If we’re talking story then there’s no way I can’t bring up what an asspull the fact that at the final chapter of the bad ending roy gets a super promotion and gets the mega item that can body zephiel instantly instead of growing like all of your other units.

the only reason why I have a problem with this statement is because you specified roy, if you specified eliwood, lyn, eirika, or marth then I would be fine with it because if you occasionally give these units xp then they can survive at least one or two hits and may even be able to 1v1 an enemy or two, even if you don’t put any resources into them they’re not an active liability because ambush spawns either don’t exist or are near nonexistent and seize maps do not take up the whole game.

I like the idea of a weak lord, roy just crosses a line in weakness

no one can make me hate gilliam or oswin

  • Dawn Brigade section is actually fun since it’s challenging

  • The SPD Meta in a typical FE game is a bad game design and should be fixed by making SKL affect hit rate slightly more and removing follow-up attacks

  • Any attempt to rebalance Binding Blade that involves buffing player units (especially reclassing or giving more Mov to Roy) without buffing the enemies further ruins the games

  • FEH is only bad if you care about ranking high on PvP contents and you should blame yourself for trying to go competitive in a gacha game

  • FE should add auto-save feature that triggers upon a unit’s death (not quicksave, but actual save) so resetting would be impossible

  • Turnwheel, while it shouldn’t exist at all, if it were to be implemented in future titles, it should only have limited amount of use that cannot be replenished in any way throughout a single playthrough


your opinion is the exact opposite of mine so much to the point that I have lost the will to argue about it

I don’t really like your suggestion of how to rebalance speed, there are other ways to do that. Also i find FEH unfun in general, in other words bad, regardless of how you look at it. Otherwise very based opinions that i fully agree with


Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword is my least favorite game in the series and almost killed my enjoyment for the series. The game wants to keep the player engaged and excited by adding all these different levels, not realizing that it harms more than it helps. First of all, when you boot up your game for the first time you have to get through Lyn mode, which is utterly painful unless you really haven’t played any FE game before, in which case I guess it is only mildly annoying. Then in Eliwood mode (or Hector mode, for that matter), you have to get through so many gimmicky levels: fog of war, weather conditions, narrow hallways, deserts, and so on. Fog of war, in particular, seems to be something the developers really liked, which is a shame considering that most of the playerbase hates it. I’d say that among the 30+ chapters in Lyn + Eliwood mode I only liked three of them: Cog of Destiny, Victory or Death, and the first half of Light (which is surprisingly my pick for the best final map in the series).

b-but the reaver map…

also it’s important to note that in the japanese version of the game lyn mode wasn’t forced, they just forced lyn mode in the west because this was the first FE game to be localized
Other than that I can’t say I agree with you considering I love blazing sword to death but there are some real stinkers in the chapter line-up specifically the uhai map for me, it’s only a matter of whether those bad maps are enough to turn you away I’m guessing.

The only reason the spd is so important isn’t so much that a unit doubles, its so they don’t GET doubled. it also is the only way some units have even remote usability (looking at you Pegasus Knights). Let us not forget the only fire emblem game where doubling wasn’t something all units could do (genealogy) it was/is considered the most idiotic design choice the game had. Then there is figuring out what speed would affect if not double attacking, since you want to buff accuracy speed can’t directly effect avoid so logically it would more heavily affect crit, which will inevitably lead to "oh crap that swordmaster and berserker have 125 crit and no one on my roster has more then 25 crit avoid.

This is coming from a guy who’d rather a unit be strong enough to just one-shot a target rather then one-round it.

Eh, that doesn’t apply to a game where doubling is inexistent. Also, I don’t want SPD to increase Crit Rate either, better to just leave it dodge and let most attack connect than letting dodge-tanks exist ¯_ (ツ)_/¯

Also, I’m one of those who actually praise Genealogy for removing follow-up attacks and would’ve praised it further if they actually remove it altogether instead of enabling it through the skill Pursuit. Thankfully, Kaga made it even better in Berwick by naturally limiting battles to one-hit only and follow-ups can only occur if both unit missed.

Also, this confirms my hot take is a real hot take instead of a cold one.

That’s the problem though, if you increase the hit rates while removing double attacks then you aren’t playing fire emblem, you’re playing final fantasy tactics. It also making dodge tanking harder which would make myrmidons and pegasus knights even bigger liabilities to deploy also dancers would just die on contact.

As per genealogy it was a bad choice ti change a core gameplay mechanic that had existed for three games prior. No amount of good story can actively undo removing features that have existed in a games history.

As a correlation think about it as, would fire emblem be a better game if they just removed swords and lances completely.

I completely agree with this statement but I do find it funny that you made the example of removing core gameplay elements about removing swords and lances when gaiden and echoes doesn’t have any playable axe users

That was intentional since gaiden was the first game to experiment with removing the weapon triangle, which made hit rates really iffy since there was so much defensive terrain for enemies to use.

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