Female Halberdier Class Card?

Does anyone know where I can find a female Halberdier class card that’s free to use? I thought there would be one, but… I can’t seem to find one in the github repo…

First and foremost you should be more descriptive with your thread titles.

As for the halberdier, i’m not sure it really needs gender-specific class cards - it’s reasonably armoured and dressed so you’re really not going to see a lot of difference. But, i suppose making it a little smaller would make it look girlier so

Halberdier (M) Lance {TBA} -> femberdier

something like that maybe? (The original one is credited to TBA so i don’t know who made it, but it is in the repository so i assume it’s fair game.)

TBA stands for The Blind Archer, he made all assets for the Halberdier including animation, map sprites and class card

Well shit! I did not know that. That’s a little confusing given it also means… other things. Is it because of issues with filename lengths @klokinator ?

Ah okay, thank you!

No, it’s the name he decided to go by after a period of time.

ye :weary: