Feedback on my first custom animation (WIP)

I have been procastinating a little on my romhack, so consequently I ended up letting my custom animation for my lord unfinished, it is just a small edit of the Ephraim lord animation but I tought that so far it looks pretty clean, so I would like to receive some feedback on it, thank you :slight_smile:
Portrait Editor test_subject.GBA_20@14 Ephraim_8ACDF4_2


I am no expert but looks pretty good nice hair moving animation but hair disappears when range attack is done
The mouth need a bit of work

I know about the hair because I was too lazy to finish it, about the mouth… I am not really sure how to do things like the mouth or the eyes from scratch so i always need to base them off the portrait

May be copy mouth of other female units i think firs mouth fits well i could be wrong but worth a shot

The easiest thing to do, in my experience, with mouths/eyes/accessories, is just to draw a line that fits the face shape, and then expand. After that, talking frames aren’t too bad.