FEE3 2022 Viewing Guide

Hello FEU! TDAWS here, you probably noticed that I left an impressions post for every single FEE3 2022 video! Well, you can probably guess that I also watched every single showcase. In full. It took a lot of time… So that’s why I’m here!

Want to watch some cool FEE3 2022 vids but not sure which you should watch? Well I decided I’m gonna make a viewing guide, so that hopefully those who fell behind this year or just aren’t sure what is what might find something they really enjoy!

To be clear, this is by no means meant to be a ranking. Having a list of “the best” or even “my favorite” showcases would be unfair and against the spirit of the event I think. I can’t promise that every showcase will be recommended here; to be honest there were lots of promising or interesting projects with somewhat lackluster showcases, and lots of projects that had well made but unremarkable showcases. I don’t plan nor mean to judge projects solely by their showcases, but this isn’t a project review thread, it’s a showcase viewing guide. Thank you for understanding. :pray:

Let’s begin!

  • Nuramon

Let’s be honest, I don’t need to recommend this to you. You’ve already watched it. Probably twice. Nuramon’s showcases are always crowd pleasers!

  • Awesome Trailers

There were many awesome trailers this year! Honestly, the interest to time spent ratio is very efficient on them, so you really should just watch them all. I want to shout out 4 of them in particular however!

Lullaby of Lust

This trailer knows what it wants to be, and it nails it 100%. Authentic 2006 Edge. But beyond that edge is a legitimately striking and excellently put together trailer!

Home by Winter

This trailer has it all; it showcases gameplay, highlights unique and custom features, and it doesn’t skip out on tone or atmosphere either! Fantastic viewing experience.


Everything I said about Home by Winter also applies here. Absolution’s trailer also features some of this project’s completely original soundtrack! Honestly, if you haven’t you should check out said soundtrack on Zess’ YouTube channel here!

Cerulean Coast

If you just want to have a good laugh, you gotta check this one out! Have you ever seen a chicken perform astra before? Well now you can!

  • What the heck is a telephone?

If you want to see what kind of group projects the community is up to, look no further!

Bells of Byelen


Embers Entwined

For a more traditional flavor of telephone.

Lex Telephonis

If you like your telephone with a side of surprisingly polished free roaming visual novel.

  • What the heck is this??? (Affectionate)

Project Stratagem

Very promising looking original SRPG.


What is says on the tin.

FE: BR (MOBA Emblem)

Honestly, even if like me, you don’t care for MOBAs, this showcase is a good time.

  • I want more Fire Emblem Gaiden for the Nintendo Family Computer Disk System!

Sacred Echoes

Needs no introduction.

Iron Emblem Gaiden

Surely this has to count, right?

  • I want to see the forefront of new tech!

Void’s Blitzarre Adventure 3D

Bonus points for being a deeply amusing trailer.


We’re getting Radiant Dawn rebalances now? With new features?



  • I want something a bit unusual, but not too unusual.

Eternal Winter

Do you like funny skills? Check this one out.

Of Sand and Sabres

Do you like funny units? Check this one out instead!


There is a tank. Bottom Text.

Tierra Maldita

DO NOT ASK about the secrets.

  • I want serious stories set in immersive worlds!

Lady of Masks

With bonus developer commentary!

Saint’s Blood

Developer commentary 2 electric boogaloo!


Great balance of story and gameplay.

Staff of Ages

You know this one.

  • Enough “stories” and “worlds”, I want " interesting gameplay"!

Aurora Chasers

This is another showcase that exceeds on all fronts! I’m putting it in the gameplay section, but the story by all impressions is nothing to sneeze at either.


Second verse, same as the first (Aurora Chasers).

A Vestrian Tale

Even if you don’t care for FE5 style gameplay, this one is just an enjoyable watch.

Legacy of Sorrow

Also highly enjoyable!


Developer interview + gameplay showcase is a killer combo!

Doubled or Nothing

I’m running out of ways to say “Good Showcase!”

Starlit Souls

It’s a Souls of the Forest inspired hackrom! Wait…

Souls of the Forest

There it is.

  • I like my hackroms to resemble vanilla.


What if it was FE3?!

Wings of Dawn

What if it was FE3, 2?!?

Vyland Saga

What if it was FE3, but a meme?!?!?!

Tales of Kotor

What if it was fe8, but also Elibeian Nights, but also not really, and also based on a telephone?

  • I like my hackroms to be vanilla.

Carcino 803

Fun mechanics!

Ballad of the Bard

Refresher shenanigans!

Tales of London

Interesting premise!

  • I like big, dumb, but fun crossover hacks!

Time for Tom

I’m amazed this exists at all honestly.

Parallel Emblem

Seemed well put together!

Grug 2

Touhou Emblem

The Rye on Speed Hackrom universe.

  • Wildcard / I ran out of categories but wanted to include them.

7 Siblings

Doesn’t show off too much new of the project, but the developer commentary is great, and there are already other great 7 Siblings gameplay showcases.

Legends of Avenir

2nd verse same as the first. (7 Siblings)


If you don’t care about gameplay, and all you want is mood and vibes, then check this out.

Drums of War

It’s not a meme hack, I promise.

  • Hacking is stupid. All I want is more Fire Emblem The Last Promise.

TLP4: Revenge of the Promise

Fire Emblem the Last Promise 4


Ok, I think that’s it from me. I wish I could have included everything, but alas…
Although, if you disagree with me on where I placed one of my recommendations, or you wanna recommend something that wasn’t on my lists, then please reply to this thread! I only ask that we avoid arguing about “Hack Good” or “Hack Bad”, and that recommendations are not overly comparative. (X is better than Y, and so on.) Hope this helped even a few people find and enjoy more FEE3 2022 showcases!


Couldn’t Project Baldr by Matthieu and FE5AD by Blademaster share a category with Sacred Echoes nicknamed “Remakes”? That aside, Wonderful list! I hope this guide is useful to FEU users and Outsiders alike.


To add to this, there was also an FE1 remake (Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon Rebirth) and the Thracia Link arena hack also being Jugdral related.


where’s fe Genesis by melledoneus in the “VOICE ACTED TRAILER!!!” section


Look ma, I made the list!
I’m honored :bowing_man:


I used the power of based Archanea to make the list :sunglasses:


You know, I thought long and hard about this one. But I decided. The voices of the people have spoken!

And I am a river to my people :sunglasses:

Fire Emblem: Genesis!

By popular demand! Criminally overlooked! A trailer with full voice acting of a strong quality and very chararacterful!


On the topic of why there were few rebalances or remakes on my viewing list; these projects already attract a considerably large audience. Most people are more comfortable with vanilla and vanilla adjacent projects, and the goal of my list was to help people find the more fully original projects they may have overlooked. If people like a vanilla game, chances are they will have seen the remake/rebalance! But I don’t want to make it seem that I think these projects are somehow lesser or not deserving; it’s just that while the tried and true will always have an audience (and the numbers don’t lie!), it is the new and original that needs a spotlight, and that needs help finding their audience!

So why was Sacred Echoes included? Isn’t it a demake?

Well, yes. But also: I love Gaiden, and I am a hypocrite. Sorry. :pray:
Thank you for understanding.


Yo I made it to the list


I like the juxtaposition of Saint’s Blood being in the Serious Stories section, but the video has silly dialogue where the characters are self-aware that they are characters in a game that I wrote for the presentation.


Thanks for the big viewing guide, that’s very helpful !
I was very busy this October so I still have a lot of showcases to watch :laughing:


Ayyy we made it, sweet


Woo, made the list haha. In all honesty, didn’t expect the massive amount of hype surrounding the project! I’m honored!

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