FEE3 2022 Discussion and Thoughts

Hi all! I know this has been a thing in the past, so I wanted to provide a space for this. It’s been a few days since the event ended, so feel free to provide your thoughts on the event! Anything constructive or positive is fine, anything regarding the new organizational structure or anything would be great too.

The only guideline is that I’d like everyone to keep it civil and respectful. I’ve my own thoughts on how things went this year, but I’m really interested in what the rest of the community has to say. Looking forward to hearing peoples’ thoughts!


hacks good


good hacks


This year we certainly saw some of the hacks ever.

Plenty of good hacks. Had some ROM hacks that got me interested and Nuramon knocked it out of the park with his showcase.

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I think there should have been more tlps…
But in all actuality I do think that next year, the screening period, submission date, and event start date should all be closer to eachother, as many presentations were very out of date.
TMGC’s presentation was almost completely outdated graphicswise. I noticed a lot of BoB portraits were different from the final product, among other projects. AKA; Hacks too out of date to properly represent the product in presentation.


This was a great event to watch unfold and even slightly participate in with my own project and have seen how it helps draw attention to it even if only a small amount.
This event is truly something to celebrate and this year was even better than the last.

The only gripe I have is that it was unclear whether or not the video description we submitted should have the thread link which wasn’t great but other than that no complaints from me!

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Yeah I feel like a month inbetween trailer submission and the actual product makes for a huge difference between what is shown and what’s actually there. Really misrepresents some hacks.


Good hackrom

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This would be nice, but it also depends on how long the review committee needs. If they need 2 months, then it can’t be helped.


I thought this year was really cool even though there were a lot of projects I felt like they were more distinguishable than previous years and liked a lot of the trailers that were made or when hosts highlighted what made the hack unique/interesting/what the appeal was. The spritework in this community has improved as well so many characters were looking snazzy asl.

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From a outsider, I only can congratulate everyone for a job very well done. This was a fantastic FEE3, with A LOT of good hacks (completed or in progress). Genesis, Sacred Echoes or Pokemblem being some of my favorites.

It’s also shows that the Telephone system seems to work, with the hacks made that way: Bells of Byelen or Embers Entwined are great accomplishments that proves that.

I wish for a bright future for this hack comunity. This is a amazing step in the right direction.