Feditor stopped opening after java upgrade

Sooo I installed java 8 and then feditor stopped working. Apparently feditor needs to update to work on the latest version of Java?
Idk, I just uninstalled my current version of Java and now I’m trying to look for the version that feditor works on. I tried to redownload java 7, but I’m unsure which one i download

i got it from here

has anyone else ever have feditor stop working on them because of this?
I kinda need a solution and fast ;w;

okay, protip maybe. if you upgrade to windows 10. and feditor won’t open, right click feditoradv and click ‘open with’ and click 'java ™ platform binary"

i guess my computer forgot what program to use to open feditor? maybe i’ve been out to lunch the whole time and was supposed to right click everytime i open feditor :octopus:

im not a noob fuck off


You can decide what program is used to open what type of files by editing the Windows registry.