Feditor portrait screw up

New to the whole character editing thing, figured I’d train myself to use Feditor by inserting some already complete mugs, just to get a sense of how things worked. Plus Ephraim is one of my favorite FE characters, so I figured it’d be cool to have a mug sheet for him.

Then this happened. I tried reading all the other feditor error threads, but they were mainly about color and formatting. I just dumped this from FE8 ( in FEditor) and then loaded it into FE7.

What do I need to do to fix this monstrosity? I’m guessing it has to with an engine difference, but what are the steps I’d take to actually fix this? Or does someone already have an Ephraim mug sheet that’s FE7 compatible?

click on Ephraim’s eyes and face on the bottom, move them to where they meet with the static versions, and that should fix the issue.