FEditor CG Maker Error[Solved]

I downloaded the most recent version of FEditor Adv from the thread here. It downloaded fine, and everything works, except CG Maker. When I open it, this error shows:
Error: Could not find or load main class Graphics.CGImage
Press any key to continue…
I did not trouble any folders. The folder is the way it was downloaded. Can someone help?

What do you mean by “I did not trouble any folders.”?

EDIT: WTF, it won’t let me save my edit because I’m not changing my post enough? (I was adding a missing space)

I mean I did not do anything to the folder. The folder is the same as when it was downloaded.

have you tried re-installing java

you can also try recompiling the program, although i’m not sure that would help in this case

From the FEditor thread:

I assume this means it still hasn’t been made.

Try getting an older version of feditor

Ok. If it has not been made, that makes sense. :slight_smile: I will wait until it comes out.

Or maybe, it existed previously but was taken out in this version of FEditor due to the animation hack fix.

it definitely exists and works on my computer so i’m 100% sure the problem is on your end


I know for a fact that it works because what that note means is integrating it into the main GUI (which is something that I’m working on, so it wouldn’t be affected by the CSAPS update)


It’s as Cam says. It’s existed and has been working for years, it just isn’t available in the main GUI. There are batch files for executing it stand-alone just as with FEditor’s many other documented features that are also not a part of the main GUI.


It is also about as point as click as it gets. Open CG Maker, open a 240x160 image, save the files it spits out. You can ignore the render, which is essentially just a preview. Open the dumped files in a hex editor, paste the data, the TSA/map data/whatever you choose to call it and then the palette into the ROM, and then repoint in Nightmare.

It’s been working fine for me, and I used it just last night, so…

“point and click”

this is actually the entire reason I made FEditor

I was sick of hacking the game by doing the same simple but tedious steps over and over (yes I started out the old fashioned way with a hex editor) and wanted every change I was making to require no more than one click per resource

BONUS everyone else wanted it too, which is great because I stopped caring shortly after (lol)