FEditor Animation Script Converter

This was made on a whim, out of boredom (like everything else I do).

Basically, for people who like to make slight palette/animation edits to existing sprites but don’t know how to script, this is for you (read: Dei). If you dump the animation with FEditor, you get a file called “______ Frame Data.dmp”. This converter takes that (well, the contents of it, read the readme) and turns it into a ready-made script that you can re-insert, edit, eat for breakfast, etc. as you like.


Made by Camtech075 of Team OverTROLL

-= System Requirements =-


-= Instructions =-

Take the ____.dmp file that FEditor spits out. and put it in the same folder as the .jar file. Once you’ve done that, you can guess what to do with the input box. Hit "go" (or whatever the button says) and an output appears.

Once you’re done with that, you can do whatever you want with the script.

I do not rip the frames for you, you can do that for yourself.

-= What do those checkboxes mean? =-

In general, you’re going to want to just leave them all checked. The numbers correspond to what modes this program converts. Actually, the only reason I added that function at all was for debug and development purposes (IE looping frames for mages).

-= Fine Print =-

This was written by me. The source codes (provided with release) may be edited without permission, granted that these conditions are met:

  • I am acknowledged as the original author
  • Modifying this work makes it better than before
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