FEditor Animation Problems

Hi, so…

I’m attempting to insert an animation into FE7 (The beta Eirika animation, actually), and each time I do it, the battle animation plays out the same. Magic sword animation, health bar does not go down. I assume it’s something with the frame data, but I’m not sure how to insert that with FEditor.

Sounds like something dun goofed. Have you tried inserting it over an existing animation is a vanilla ROM (e.g. Lyn Lord)? That will tell you whether or not it’s a faulty animation file, or your own error.

That’s what I’m attempting to do with the Blade Lord animation. I tried re-inserting the Blade Lord animation but it does the same error.

What other changes have you made?

I’ve made Lyn able to use Light Magic and staves, if that helps.

… and what weapon is she trying to use, and at what range?

Wo-Dao, at one range.