Feditor Animation Creator parsing error?[Solved]

Trying to make the priest animation have a functioning ranged animation. but i keep running into another mystery error…

Error parsing line 136:
Can’t add a terminator to an empty mode.

line 136 is the beginnin of mode 12…

C03 -

C07 -
1  p- frame000.png
4  p- frame001.png
6  p- frame002.png
5  p- frame003.png
4  p- frame004.png
1  p- frame005.png
4  p- frame006.png


~~~ - End Animation Data

Did you make sure each animation has the same palette AND palette order? Even if each frame has the same colors you have to make sure that the colors are in the same order. This is actually what made an error come up in FEditor for me today.

You should be able to find the palette ordering method in Blazer’s ultimate tutorial.

Wait… did you purposely leave spaces in mode 12? I don’t think you’re supposed to do that but I may be wrong.

did you mean each frame has the same palette and palette order? As for mode 12, i was just trying to testing to see if that would fix anything :\

Yeah, my mistake there. But yes, each frame needs to have the same palette and palette order. You also need to make sure that each frame has 16 colors or less, although you probably already knew that.

yeah, i figured it out. sorta, i just got annoyed so i just copy/pasted the frames in the script onto a fresh template lol.