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As long as they make it to FEU (which they’d probably need to, to know that there are in fact updates), I’m sure anybody curious about Temp’s edits would be able to find him just fine.


I’d argue that Tempmael is a unique enough tag.


Speaking of tags it’d be nice if I could somehow have the author of the next Hg push be that too, so hopefully I can figure out how to do that

I was GOING to just put the thing on GitHub but that is even more work for not much greater benefit. Maybe if more updates roll in?


Hey @Hextator, quick question; how do you add music and sound effects(not 0x85 commands) into animations? I don’t remember what the format was, iirc it’s something like


but I don’t really remember, I’m guessing from the looping code



That’s what I’m seeing in the documentation. Sound commands use “SXXXX” for their syntax, where XXXX is the hex value of your chosen sound ID. I think those are in the “Music List.txt” in Nightmare for any given game.


Ah, okay, I missed that txt file, thank you.


It occurs to me now what a terrible naming convention this is thanks to the release of FE13 XD


No one ever calls FEditor FEA though.
I think I did like once (before FE13) and people gave me strange looks.


How did you manage to see their faces though? Conundrums abound.



public static final int TEXT_HEAP_SIZE = 0x00001000;

This seems to be wrong. While a naive look at the function that sets up text decompression would give the impression that it’s decompressing into a buffer 0x1000 bytes long - since the buffer is at 0x0202a5b4 and it also reads a “does the buffer already contain this text item” cached value at 0x0202b5b4 - there are actually other parts of the code that reference other addresses in that range. Since there’s no reason for the code to just randomly look at offset locations in the buffer, I conclude that they’re outside the buffer. The smallest code constant found in this range is 0x0202a9b4, indicating an actual buffer size of 0x400 bytes (1kb).

However. I went into my project folder for text recompression/optimization, and whipped up a little hax script to indicate the maximum length in bytes of text items actually used in the FE7 ROM.

The plot thickens. I’m going to be examining the routines that use these other constants more carefully.

Edit: Okay, the situation actually turns out to be kinda complicated. I’ll be doing a new thread. tl;dr the code sux.


Surprise surprise. FE Editor Suite 2015 Deluxe Pro Edition life


Actually I meant IS’s code, but yeah.


Surprise there too.


wow rude


Heads-up for anyone using FEditor: be wary if you use multiple versions of it on the same rom. I ran into a glitch that caused the game to screech-crash whenever it tried to load a battle animation, and eventually found that it was the fact that I was replacing lower-level text stuff (e.g. changing the “Res” text to say “Mag”), but then I went to a backup and replaced the same text using the older version of FEditor (which I had used until a few days ago) and everything worked fine. Not sure whether or not this is specific to my rom, but I figured I’d let people know (apologies if it’s already known, btw).

That being said, the “dump with frames” option is extremely useful for animations, so thanks to Temp for that (and Hex for FEditor in general of course)!


how old a version of feditor are you using


… derp, I didn’t even think of the fact that this was probably the first time I ever updated FEditor since I originally downloaded it.

And it’s 20110104.1, so yep, ignore me because I was probably running into a quirk that was literally fixed years ago. Sorry ._.


at some point support for legacy FEditor versions took a pretty huge dip so i’m not surprised

  • That was around when feditor updates took a dip, though, so it probably isn’t that out of date
  • feditor was always made to support all legacy versions, albeit some of the work done was writing documentation on how to handle the updates rather than working out how to make FEditor do it (in some cases due to changing FEditor’s code not being an option)


So apparently there’s a feditor version with gif dumping and the 65535 animation/portrait slots have been fixed? Any release for this?