FEditor Adv expanded entries error


I’m new to FE Universe but not completely new to modding FE8. I’m getting this error where I can’t get the Text Editor tool to open. All of the other tools open fine for most of my ROMs, but in the one i’m trying to open, I added another text entry, increasing the total number of entries from 0xD4B to 0xD4C. I understand that when FEditor Adv adds something like that it places it at the end of the ROM, (which is where I found the data, so i know it’s there).

Is it possible to have more than the original number of text entries in a single FE8 ROM? If so, how can I change it so I can use FEditor Adv correctly?

Did you try opening the rom with feditor, save, close, and reopen with feditor?

Oh. Uh. Well then. :sweat_smile:

That worked! Thank you!

I do what I can.