Febulider Skill System

How do you assign skills on a certain unit?

In character editor, there should be a window with a character’s personal skill

^ What GratedShtick said. You can also go to Advanced Editor. From that window on the left side, kind of in the middle, There are the 3 main editors you’ll use for skills:
Skill Config
Assign Skill by Unit
Assign Skill by Class

If I were going to apply a skill in the “assign a skill by unit menu” how would I do it?

Open FEBuilder, then go to Advanced Editors-> Assign Skill by unit. Then you need to select the unit whose skill you want to edit.

can you assign multiple skills to a single unit that way?

Yep, but I think you gotta use the bottom box and set the Level of Acquisition to 255 for the skill you want, like this.

I kinda get it now but when I click write to rom nothing happens

Sorry, I forgot to add that you’ll need to allocate new data. You can do that by clicking the Expand List button at the bottom of the box from before.

And then just put the number of skills you want in the Total number of new data to allocate area.


It worked thanks

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