FEBuilderGBA. Unit movement. Is it possible to make two units move together (alongside)?

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on a chapter start event in which I want an enemy knight to drag an NPC into a jail cell.
I’ve set the knight’s movement using the manual move (4 coords) command. The knight’s starting point is on a tile adjacent to the NPC.
I’ve tried a couple things so far but wasn’t successful:

  • I’ve set the NPC’s path using again a manual move command but the NPC eventually overtakes the knight which moves at a lower speed.
  • I’ve tried using the previous movement commands pattern but with ENUN. It ended up in the knight moving alone and the NPC moving only when the knight was done (which was expected, but still, I had to try).
  • I’ve tried using the move character to opponent unit with speed command, but the NPC stops moving as soon as it “bumps” into the knight (i.e. reaching an adjacent tile)
  • I’ve also tried the move character next to opponent unit with speed command, with the same result.
  • Went through the patches list using a couple keywords but wasn’t able to find anything.

Is there a way in FEBuilderGBA to do this? I’m pretty sure I saw something very similar in a GBA vanilla game. Can’t remember which one though.

If someone has any idea on how to realize that I’ll gladly take it. Or a chapter ID in one of the vanilla games so I can explore the structure of it.

Thank you very much.

I recall Fort Rigwald has a scene like this with Tana being forced into a cell, can check that.

There’s a few ways to do it.

  • If you don’t mind the knights walking at the same speed as other units you can set their movement speed to 0 in the class editor. Will let the knight move as fast as the other character with manual moves and via load unit and move command if you put the paths in the unit placer.

  • For moving with ENUNs you have to have the movement without ENUN/wait and the last one with the wait to have them move together.

  • And the scene knabepicers mentioned; they did it in the unit placer when they spawn the units and move. Not sure how it’s done, has a movement per tile with a wait:8 attached somehow to make it look like Tana is getting pushed into the room. Can copy that and paste as needed for your scene.

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Thank you both for your answers.

Fort Rigwald’s (FR) unit movements aren’t exactly what I am looking for as in this situation Tana is being “pushed” in the cell whereas I want the NPC to be “dragged in”, meaning the NPC would be behind the enemy unit and not in front of it. Moreover, the involved units in my hack have already been placed through a load unit and move command earlier in the sequence, so I can’t really reproduced FR’s unit movements pattern. But hey, one has to make compromises from time to time, so I won’t completely dicard this option for now.

I do not want to change the knights’ speed unless I really have to as it’ll impact all the knights movements throughout the game.

I’ll try playing a bit more with the w/ and w/o ENUN commands to see if can get something to work.

My guess is that I’ll end up with a generic soldier dragging the NPC to avoid movement speed conflict.

You could also make a new/dummy class with the knight map sprites with the faster movement speed (or the class of the character being taken to the cell to be slower, might look a little more like being dragged) to use for cutscene purposes only. That way it won’t affect the actual classes.


Smart suggestion! I’ll try that tonight along with the other tests mentioned before. Will keep you posted.

To have multiple (up to 4) units moving simultaneously, just don’t use ENUN. To make it look like a unit is dragging another, just play around with STAL and the movement speed in MOVE to get the effect you want. I made this quick event if you want to check it.

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Thank you Shuusuke.

I still have a few tests to perform before I choose the final commands sequence.

I’ll let you guys know.

Well, well, well.

I managed to do something that satisfies me.

Here are the things I tried:

  1. Use a sequence of (MOVE) command and a final (MOVE+ENUN) command as proposed in File2ish’s first post
  2. Tweak this same sequence with a STAL command as proposed in Shuusuke’s post
  3. Create a dummy Knight class w/ a 0 movement speed (instead of the default 1) and move the units using a sequence of “ManualMove (3 coords)” and “ManualMove (3 coords)+ENUN” commands

Cause yeah, I did not mention it at first, but the units’ path is not a straight line (why make things simple right?).
This non-straight trajectory caused 1. and 2. above to fail. Number 3. worked though. I guess if the “ManualMove (X coords)” commands had a speed parameter I wouldn’t have had to create the dummy Knight class.

So yeah, at the end of the day the result looks pretty good.
I’ll mark File2ish’s second post as solution to this topic.

Thank you guys for your support.

I vaguely recall ManualMove causing some issues, so I’d recommend using the standard MOVE commands instead to be on the safe side.
That also removes the need of using up one class slot for the dummy knight.

I have not been able to do it with standard MOVE commands. Maybe I am missing something.

As the path isn’t straight but rather shaped like an L, I have to use 3 MOVE commands. But if I write the three MOVE commands sequentially they’ll trigger at the same time, resulting in a weird effect where the the said unit “splits” into three units.
If I use MOVE+ENUN commands to avoid this phenomenon, then the units won’t move together. The prisoner will wait for the knight to finish his L movement before doing his.