Febuildergba pvp question

So I’m doing a makeshift pvp fire emblem scenario, and in order to give freedom to the player I’m allowing them to use unpromoted level 20s on both sides and promote them to their own preferences. 1 side is controlling players and another is controlling enemies. When the units on the enemies side use promotional items, the game spits out an error. Any work around solutions for this or do I just limit the enemies side and prepromote them just based off their preferences?

If both sides have portraits then I don’t know.
The game crashes with normal enemies because it needs the portrait and they don’t have one. This doesn’t happen with bosses, who usually have.

Still, I’m no expert so there is a chance I’m totally wrong.

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I don’t think promoting works properly on enemy phase if that’s what you’re trying to do.

In any case, send a report7z

Duly noted, I have done the enemy side with ross and co but they still have the same issue. Is there a way I can change the enemies to players temporarily when its their turn to mitigate this issue?

I’m also unsure on how to locate the report7z. But its saying jumped to invalid address 20732070 whenever I try to promote them, even if they are npc phase. Does this mean its trying to read data thats not there? Apologies I have very limited knowledge on febuilder

If you’re using player character units and not just doing a chapter but PvP, can’t you use Link Arena? Or is it not possible to change the Link Arena map and deployment?

Having the player control promotion on enemy phase does not work. It doesn’t matter if you turn them into players. I know this because I tried making a hack to auto promote you when you reach lvl 20. Instead my hack gives you a menu command to promote, now.

The crash message means nothing. It never tells us anything useful.


i have a work around that so far hasnt given me issues, thanks everyone for trying to help. Split promotion items and forcing 1 item to promote into 1 class works out for now, so i’ll be doing that for now