FEBuilderGBA: custom music not showing up?

I just started on my romhack yesterday (after having finished putting together all the assets, writing the script, etc. ahead of time) since I got my first Windows laptop in years for Christmas, and the one thing I’m having trouble with that I can’t manage to fix is that no changes I make to the song table/list are reflected in-game. Namely, I’ve replaced the main theme, yet the original main theme still plays on the main menu, despite (by my understanding) the main theme not even existing anymore? Is there a step I’m missing?

What I did before was simply to use the “import song” option to import a midi as-is. Doing just this, I get the problem described above (the altered song list not being reflected in-game, i.e. the original main theme still playing even after i OVERWROTE the original main theme). A few minutes ago, I went and used mid2agb to convert all my midis to .s files, though I can’t imagine that would affect whatever the problem is here. Anyone know what’s going on?

Is this FE8? There’s a patch for the main theme, you probably need to replace the song it has listed there.

Turns out the issue was that there are TWO main themes, one for if you skip the opening and one for if you don’t. But now the issue is that only one of the two piano tracks for this solo piano piece (the LH track) isn’t playing.