FEBuilderGBA 101 - Ultimate Guiding Tutorial -

So, let’s suppose that I learn everything of FEBuilderGBA, should I put everything here and go direct to the point? Like, you can’t do THIS, but you can do THAT. Engine limitation and how to overpass them. How to go as far as possible with the FEBuilder without the need of more complex tools like build files (if it works in fe8, I never touched buildfiles) Since I joined the community people taught a hundred of things and together with some experience I have this may could help new people that want to create a private hack or something like that?

This is only a place holder for when I start writting it, I loved 7743 comment and I will kept it as a front page once I begin to uptade here to help people


How to separate the topics?

The FEBuilderGBA 101 Direct To The Point

How to create your own battle animations/map animations
How to create your own maps/tilesets
How to create your own portraits
How to create your own music
How to create your own icons
How to create your own magic, spell animations
How to configure a weapon, spell or staff to work properly.

Tips and trick to the community

Never in any hypothesis extend list of anything, some of them are EXTREMLY dangerous and others are safe, if you use a patch. However in order to make it simple, do not extend list in expetion of weapon animations list, yet with very caution.

Most dangerous of all: classes and icons, they can brake any game and any person.

How many classes can be overlaped.
Depends of what you want to do if the unused classes.

Considering you will add all female variants to all classes, the number will be of x.
Considering you will overlap female variants and unused classes, it will a number of x.
Considering the trainer classes, you will have more X.
Considering monster classes, you will have X.


It is important not to keep what you know to yourself, but to write it down and keep it as documentation.
The FEBuilderGBA is also based on the documents left behind by the pioneers.
I believe that the development of science and medicine today has been made possible by the fact that knowledge was passed down from one generation to the next by writing down what was known.
Let’s leave more and more documents.
Besides, teaching others reinforces your own knowledge.


tutorials are always very helpful. In fact if you are willing to share as an act of goodwill I’m sure it will help a lot for newcomers and even the vets from having to answer more basic beginner questions. I say go for it man!.

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Please do and also please be as casual as possible.
So many tutorial sell themselves as casual friendly as possible but they really arent.
Thats what this comunity needs.


I say sure, go for it, FEU’s based in a free country.
In all seriousness this is a good idea, there are a few tutorials on FEbuilder already but more will always be good, I believe a much more casual tutorial would do wonders for teaching people the basics. The most important thing imo when it comes to tutorials is to point out things that aren’t immediately obvious, for example the “do not move” AI doesn’t do exactly what it says, it’s important to point things like these out, however any tutorial will be nice.

The most important thing is if you believe it will help the community.


uuh to make the task easier you could always ask for people to create their own tutorial segment in the reply. Like person A could write about A.I types and person B about item effects. Copy paste them in the main post, credit the writer and you could probably cover a lot of ground that way. I guess the only problem would be different writing styles but still.

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I am 100% for this. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good tutorials out there just scattered and specified to get a firm grasp on everything.

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